3rd Grade Math Homework Sheets

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See more Kids will love the time printable - Read the Time - as it requires them to both read the time, and draw!

See more ‘TV Guide’ is a free time printable that helps kids learn time with a constructive and cognitive approach.

See more Let your third graders try their hand at comparing fractions with this free fraction worksheet, ‘Fractional Differences’.

See more See how well your third graders understand the various units of measurement with this free math worksheet for kids.

See more In ‘In Your Places’, students are expected to perform three kinds of tasks - writing the expanded form of numbers...

See more If your kids love solving addition worksheets, download and give her this one to solve! See more If your kids love solving addition worksheets, download and give her this one to solve! See more Once elementary addition worksheets are mastered, kids can gradually gravitate towards such worksheets ...See more How long does your kid take to finish off her homework from school? See more Times table worksheets are a great way to learn tables the easy and fun way. See more Kids learn better when they can relate the lesson to their life – this math worksheet is such.See more The free printable money worksheet is handy in teaching 3rd grader sensible money skills and improve their counting abilities.There are three main types of angles in geometry – obtuse, acute and right angles.With this math worksheet, kids can learn to recognize...See more All the doors are locked and we really need to unlock the kitchen door!But to open the kitchen door kids need to answer a bunch of math problems. See more This high-security mansion is meant only for those kids willing to spend effort and brain-power to get through. ‘Power Up’ is a simple addition worksheet for kids, but with a twist. ‘We Need More Power’ is a subtraction worksheet for kids with simple subtraction problems that kids need to solve.See more With this math worksheet, kids can try their hand at three exercises to understand polygons – from the type of polygon...See more How many feet are there in each situation?See more ‘Minus the Rows’ is a comprehensive subtraction worksheet for 3rd grade that will help kids learn and practice...See more By the time your little 3rd grader will be done with the great multiplication worksheet, he will not only have...


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