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He is the principal designer of the top-performing multimedia analytic systems in worldwide competitions such as COCO Image Captioning, Visual Domain Adaptation Challenge 2018 & 2017, and Activity Net Large Scale Activity Recognition Challenge 2019~2016. The Ph D thesis by Ting is innovative in the senses that he looks into the problem of context understanding and considers multimedia search from three different perspectives.1) Self – the principle way that multi-modality fusion, in the context of search re-ranking; 2) External – when and how the external knowledge could be transferred for a problem in different domain?The SIGMOBILE Doctoral Dissertation Award winner and up to two runners-up will be recognized at one of the ACM SIGMOBILE conferences that the winner chooses. Nominations for the award must include: The Doctoral Dissertation Award Selection Committee will consist of several SIGMOBILE members, one of whom will be appointed as the Selection Committee chair.

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Your dissertation is supposed to be your first significant contribution to your field. If the best thing you did turns out to be your dissertation, you're going to be in its shadow for decades. Let's take a look at the actual list: Now that isn't quite fair, as for Turing Award winners tended to get their Ph. How much effort are you putting in to what is effectively a lottery ticket? That number is likely to continue to go up, but let's call it 2000 when you graduate.if they do not directly contribute towards your goal, abandon them." I know of no better way to be both ineffective and miserable.Science at this point in history is a collaborative effort, and smart people like to collaborate with friendly, well-grounded people.If you want to teach, figure out where and start looking at the CVs of their recent hires. ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society and present one award annually in recognition of superior research and writing by doctoral candidates in computer science and engineering.His team is focusing on the research and innovation of large-scale multimedia search, video understanding, vision and language, and deep learning. Yao is known for his Ph D works on context mining for effective search of multimedia content.Prior to joining in 2018, he was a Researcher with Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, China. Yao is an active participant of several benchmark evaluations. in computer science (2014) at City University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Without the right context for sensible way of leveraging data, mixing data of different natures can always result in uncertain performance.Other random bits of advice: a) Take a theater class or join toastmasters or whatever you need to do to learn the mechanics of giving an effective talk.Computer scientists are famous for giving lousy talks.If interesting problems could have been solved with that perspective, they already have been.Be a computer science and ...; what follows the "and" could be topology, classics, jazz guitar (a la Alan Kay), whatever you like.


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