Activities For Critical Thinking For College Students

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Shocked, you meet with your supervisor to obtain insights about what went wrong and guidance concerning her expectations for the next project.

You take her suggestions to heart and double down on your efforts. This cycle repeats itself until you eventually emotionally disengage from the job.

Institutions’ fortunes hinge upon their ability to identify, appeal to, and properly assist good students.

By helping them, places of higher learning produce the greatest return on their investments.

In class, good students exhibit the studious habits of their more successful peers, whom I call “great learners.” However, their test grades often resemble those of academically weak students who skip class or show up unprepared and who don’t seem at all serious about their academic performance.

For these reasons, good students are mischaracterized, misdiagnosed or simply overlooked.Cultural change requires impacting students who disproportionally influence the academic culture.Good students are effective vehicles for change because they are numerous, thus amplifying their impact, and because they can improve the most with the least number of resources.Then you take a new job in which you are essentially performing the same duties. You understand that this new job demands more time and effort, and you work with increased energy and diligence. However, your supervisor deems the quality of your work unacceptable.Even worse, for the first time in your life, your effort is questioned.We simply cannot fathom the notion that students who struggle in our courses can be simultaneously smart and failing, hardworking and yet seemingly apathetic. Our training and insecurities help us miss them, even though they are ubiquitous.The good student experience is so prevalent that we gravitate to the anomalies. So in a class of 30 students, the 5-6 lowest-performing students who seemingly are militantly resistant get the “academic alert” treatment and so forth.Unfortunately, what made these students shine in high school isn’t enough to lift them above mediocrity and up to their personal standards.Students who enjoyed pre-college academic success enter institutions of higher learning with a high academic self-image.Similarly perplexed are young people who aced tests and earned high marks in high school but in college, even with added study time, can’t figure how to rise to the level of achievement they’d been confident they’d attain.Over the past decade, the phenomenon of college student academic under-performance has received considerable attention.


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