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In the book, he unveiled an explicitly, race-based Nationalist, social Darwinist, and antisemitic vision of human history.He advocated dictatorship at home, military expansion, and seizure of “living space” (After his release from prison, Hitler reorganized and reunified the Nazi Party.Reluctantly, von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor on January 30, 1933.

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A month later, he first expressed an antisemitic, racist ideology on paper, advocating removal of Jews from Germany.

Hitler joined what would become the Nazi Party in October 1919.

Willing to risk a Nazi-German nationalist coalition with Hitler as Chancellor, von Papen reached agreement with Hitler and the German Nationalists in early January 1933.

He persuaded President Paul von Hindenburg that Germany was out of other options.

They captured nearly a fifth of the popular vote, attracting new, unemployed, and alienated voters.

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Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for change.

Hitler lived in Vienna between February 1908 and May 1913, when he left for Munich.

There, he drifted and supported himself by painting watercolors and sketches until World War I gave new direction to his life. During the war, he was wounded twice (in 19) and was awarded several medals.

This office gathered intelligence on civilian political parties and provided anti-Communist “political education” for the troops.

In August 1919, as a course instructor, Hitler made his first virulent antisemitic speeches.


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