An Essay On History Of Computers

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We are living in the computer age today and most of our day to day activities cannot be accomplished without using computers.

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly we use computers.

It included such feature which is used in today’s computer language. It could store only limited or small amount of information.

For this great invention of the computer, Sir Charles Babbage is also known as the father of the computer. Initially in the first generation computer the concept of vacuum tubes was used.

In the year 1671, a German mathematics, Gottfried Leibniz modified the Pascal calculator and he developed a machine which could perform various calculation based on multiplication and division as well.

In the year 1833, a scientist form England knows to be Charles Babbage invented such a machine. This device was called Analytical engine and it deemed the first mechanical computer. The full form of ENIAC is “Electronic Numeric Integrated And Calculator” ENIAC was a very huge and big computer and its weight was 30 tones.Heaven was the upper part and Earth was the lower one. can be represented by placing the beads at proper place.As the necessity demanded, scientist started inventing better calculating device.Actually speaking electronic data processing does not go back more than just half a centaury i.e. In early days when our ancestor used to reside in cave the counting was a problem. When they started using stone to count their animals or the possession they never knew that this day will lead to a computer of today.People today started following a set of procedure to perform calculation with these stones, which later led to creation of a digital counting device, which was the predecessor the first calculating device invented, was know as ABACUS.In this generation of computer, IC (Integrated circuits) was used as the electronic component for computers.The development of IC gave birth to a new field of microelectronics. This generation of computer has huge storage capacity and higher calculating speed. The computers which we see around us belong to the fourth generation computers. I circuit), which is used in a computer for any arithmetical or logical functions to be performed in any program. He developed first micro-processor, the Intel 4004, as he was working for Intel Corporation, U. A with the use of microprocessor in the fourth generation computers, the size of computer become very fast and efficient.First of all we will have to understand these terms in true sense.1.: - “Data” is nothing but a mare collection of basic facts and figure without any sequence.In this generation, transistors were used as the electronic component instead of vaccum tubes .A transistors is much smaller in the size than that of a vaccum tube.


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