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[tags: Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder] - According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013), it is estimated that nearly 1.6 percent of adults in the United States has borderline personality disorder (BPD), although rates may be as high as 5.9 percent of the United States’ adults, making BPD the most prevalent personality disorder (NAMI, 2016).

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- Personally I have never had nor met anyone who has a personality disorder( that I know of ) but based on what I know about them, I take pity on those who have to suffer.

Even if some people don 't know what a personality disorder is, they can pretty much guess just based on its name, a disorder that affects your personality.

These symptoms cause distress to the individuals’ interpersonal relationships, and their functioning in society.

Borderline personality disorder is a disorder in which individuals suffer turmoil in inter-personal relationships.

However, for some, these behaviors become distressing, or impairing in some way, and this is when problems arise.

Personality disorders, according to Lillienfeld and Piotrowski (2014), are disorders in which a person’s actions, such as in communicating with others, showing emotion, or forming relationships become detrime...

Men are 5 times more likely than women to be diagnosed with this disorder (Cloninger, Bayon & Przybeck, 1997; B. Every personality disorder is marked by their own specific symptoms.

These symptoms have been active in the individual for a long period of time.

S Needs Psychos Most people today see the word ‘psychopath’ and automatically think of limbs in freezers, and masked murderers with chainsaws.

Surprisingly, most of the psychopathic community is more of a help to modern society than a detriment.


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