Aqa Psychology A Coursework

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Psychology is the ‘scientific study of the mind and behaviour’, and the A Level offers an introduction to six ‘core’ areas of the discipline.

Social Psychology focuses on the social interactions people have with each other.

Sections B, C, D each contain questions on the in-depth option topics you've studied .

One of the issues with the change from AS Psychology with AQA where you can obtain an A grade from a good knowledge & understanding of the psychology is that the exam questions at A2 are heavily concentrated on the ability to write long essays where the AO2/3 is 2/3rds weighted unlike at AS.

In addition, Students should be encouraged to highlight PEEL in each paragraph of their essay/ self-assess & peer assess these skills in addition to using teacher feedback and mark schemes.

At A2 students will get very basic marks if they just list strengths and weaknesses in their essays (like they tend to do at AS).to support, clearly elaborating how & why this is relevant to the point/essay title and linking clearly to the essay/point.There are good examples of PEEL on the resourcd website which should help.Discussions about research findings will allow you to develop this skill, and engaging in practical psychological research will help you to improve your knowledge of the methods psychologists use.You don't need any prior knowledge of Psychology in order to start the A level course, but you do need a solid complement of GCSEs: with mostly C grades at GCSE you may well find Psychology very demanding, especially the Research Methods component of the course.We function fully as people in the company of, and with the help of, others.Amongst other issues, this course explains why we conform and why we are likely to obey authority figures.Because the topics Psychologists study are complex, it is common to find different explanations of psychological phenomena, such as the nature of intelligence.An important skill you will learn is how to evaluate conflicting theories about the topics you cover, and the studies that support, or challenge, them.A Level Psychology is a linear subject, assessed at the end of two years of study.The AQA examination board uses three examinations to assess you.


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