Araby Essay

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Towards the ending of the story the boy was planning to go the bazaar.

But when his uncle comes home late the bazaar is starting to close.

This kind of tells you that he is going to Araby so he can get the girl a gift.

The last way of foreshadowing is when the boy's uncle comes home late. This foreshadows that if the boy ends up going, he's going to show up late and the bazaar would start to close. Characterizing: The narrator characterizes everything in kind of a dark way.

Joyce explains how the young boy would be out in the streets with his friends.

Also how he would always watch Mangan's sister walk out the door and he'll follow her.

Tone: During the story , it features a tone that seems depressing and gloomy.

For example, “The former tenant of our house, a priest, had dies in the back drawing-room.” is an example on how Joyce described a depressing setting.

In the beginning of the story, the young boy would always watch Mangans sister's front door.

Whenever she walked out he felt cheerful and full of bliss. Another example is when he says, “If I go, I will bring you something” is an example of foreshadowing.


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