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Despite the popular myth, a good argumentative essay is more than simply trying to prove your point with a few arguments.In fact, all the argumentative essays follow one of the five common models that can help you with the construction of the main essay question and the way you support your claims.

This system is known as the three primary argument strategies: Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. The classical argument strategy is used when you feel very confident about the topic you’re arguing for and want to convince the reader that your point of view is the correct one.

You can follow the traditional essay structure if you choose this strategy.

However, what your introduction should definitely include is a little insight into why you chose this particular topic.

Talk about whether the topic is a pressing issue that is commonly discussed in society.

Popular topics are easier to write about because there are plenty of sources to support your statement, but from a reader’s point of view, a popular essay topic isn’t exactly useful.

An experienced reader may have read essays arguing the same popular opinions several times.The way you present your arguments to the audience are far from random: there are strict guidelines for writing what you’re trying to argue.Throughout the history of writing argumentative essays, scholars have developed a system for presenting their arguments.Rare topics are much more interesting both from the viewpoint of the reader and the writer.For the reader it’s a chance to discover something they’ve never dealt with before.Those issues are frequently discussed in scientific publications and online, which means you can come across an idea of the right argumentative essay topics almost accidentally.Here are just a few sample topic questions for you to consider: These are only a few of the questions you can base your argumentative essay upon – if you think about, there are millions other statements you can argue for that make great essay topics!This is why it’s best to choose a topic that lies somewhere in between.The second balance to maintain is the balance between your own interests and what the audience wants to see.Here they are: Before beginning to work on your argumentative essay, first make sure you have your sources and references in order.It’s also important to create an outline for the essay to know your plan for working on the paper and divide the information you want to present between the sections of the essay.


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