Argumentative Essay On The Industrial Revolution

Argumentative Essay On The Industrial Revolution-78
However, women were not paid nearly as much as men, this only worsening the effects for men.

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They began to band together in the shape of unions in order to protect themselves from women taking their positions for a cheaper wage.

The lives of children in the eighteenth and nineteenth century were also impacted.

Furthermore, many mothers began to encourage their children to join the workforce with them, thus introducing an epidemic of child labour.

Finally, women who filled predominantly male job positions were seen as masculine and not adept to become wives or future homemakers.

The inability of a father to provide for his wife and children resulted in the mother finding employment.

The children of these many families were often left to fend for themselves or each other while their parents made a living.

This was not the case, however, for the many children who joined the workforce with their mothers.

Although the Victorian Era was characterized by the appreciation of the purity and innocence of children, child labour greatly increased during this time as a direct result of the industrial revolution and its provision of employment to women.


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