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Reading, writing, adding, subtracting, comparing, and estimating with big numbers.Algorithms: Stacking addition with regrouping, adding more than two numbers at a time, stacking subtraction with breaking, and solving cryptarithms.Strategies: Rearranging addition and subtraction, canceling, almost canceling, subtracting everything at once, using parentheses, and skip-counting.

Saxon and Ao PS have the same goal: to teach your student how to understand mathematical concepts, and how to master problem-solving procedures. Obviously, all students need both procedures and concepts.

However, students who need more support and step-by-step instruction should consider the Saxon classes while those who have a strong mathematical inclination and are able to grasp abstract concepts a little more easily will probably flourish in the Ao PS classes.

Parents often ask us which math curriculum is “better,” Saxon or Art of Problem Solving (Ao PS).

We offer both at the Well-Trained Mind Academy because they are both excellent programs–they just approach the teaching of math differently. Your student will be presented with a new concept, shown how to understand it through a series of steps, and then will practice the concept over and over. “Conceptual math” is shorthand for mathematics instruction that begins by clearly explaining the reasons why operations work the way they do.

Logic : Logic puzzles, grid puzzles, liars and truth-tellers.

: Beast Academy 4C covers the following topics: Factors : Primes, divisibility, prime factorization, factor trees.Fractions : Adding, subtracting, and converting fractions and mixed numbers. Adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.: Beast Academy 4D covers the following topics: Fractions : Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers and division by unit fractions.Perimeter and Area: Perimeter and area of rectangles, polygons, and rectilinear shapes.Beast Academy 3B covers the following topics: Multiplication: The times table, the commutative and associative properties, multiplying numbers that end in one or more zeroes.Area: Square units, adding and subtracting areas, tangrams, triangle area, unit conversions.: Beast Academy 4A covers the following topics: Shapes: Definitions, angle measurement, parallel and perpendicular lines, symmetry.Perfect Squares: Squaring a number that ends in 5, finding the next perfect square, multiplying nearby numbers using perfect squares.The Distributive Property: Order of operations, area models of the distributive property, multiplying multi-digit numbers.Both Saxon and Ao PS math classes at WTMA will provide your students with strong mathematical skills.No matter the curriculum, our instructors will give your student the support needed for dependable math learning.


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