Association For Consumer Research Call For Papers

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The International Association of Consumer Law was founded as a bi-lingual association to foster learning and debate on consumer issues and law.

It is an association primarily for academics; one that engages with the wider community and has a long tradition of inviting those from that wider community to participate in its conferences.

L’Association Internationale de Droit de la Consommation est née de la volonté de créer des liens en développant une réflexion et des actions de recherche communes sur l’évolution des rapports de consommation et leur formalisation juridique dans différentes régions du monde.

La coopération entre institutions, universités, organisations de consommateurs et experts est souhaitée en vue de permettre et encourager la recherche et l’enseignement relevant du droit de la consommation.

– PM: Challenges that Digitally Native Vertically Integrated Brands Are Facing / Perspectives on the Future of Retailing Panel organized by the Baker Retailing Center Moderator: Barbara Kahn, Patty and Jay H.

Association For Consumer Research Call For Papers

Baker Professor, Professor of Marketing, Director, Baker Retailing Center, Wharton School Panelists: Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Warby Parker Rachel Shechtman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Story Jessica White, Executive Director of Customer, Glossier Digitally native vertically integrated brands such as Warby Parker and Bonobos are one of the novel elements of the changing retail landscape.We are inviting submissions for research proposals for the JACR issue/conference by March 1, 2017 (see details in the call for papers below).CONSUMER RESPONSE TO THE EVOLVING RETAILING LANDSCAPE Overview of the conference program THURSDAY, JUNE 22 – AM: Registration and Breakfast – AM: Welcome Remarks – AM: The Evolving Customer Experience and Customer Journey Landscape: Views from Theory and Practice Session organized by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Understanding customer experience and the customer journey is more critical now than ever.The IACL conferences which are held once every two years in different parts of the world have hosted judges, regulators, legal practitioners, bureaucrats, bankers, business groups and consumer organizations The goal of the IACL is to develop research networks and stimulate research and joint research projects in the area of consumer law and policy and consumer relations, covering all regions of the world.Co-operation between government institutions, universities, consumer organisations and individual experts is supported, in order to develop research and teaching of consumer law. – AM: Breakout Presentations and Discussion of Academic Research (Session 1) Presenters will share their academic research to receive feedback from participants.All participants are invited to attend presentations of their choice and join the discussion.Conference to accompany a special issue of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (JACR). Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and the American Marketing Association’s Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group.As the retailing landscape undergoes drastic change, consumers are shopping and buying in new and different ways.They are moving away from department stores and toward specialty retailers, web-based retailers, and new online players.They are making more purchases online, and are increasingly willing to rent rather than buy and to purchase goods via subscription.


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