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Their propagandists For decades, the right-wing press has attacked the BBC with a ferocity and contempt for truth that would make even American conservatives blush.

But since deeds, not motives, make the world go round, the intention of the reporter ought to be irrelevant.

What matters is whether what they have found is true or important.

Political leaders cannot order their followers to cut off communications with their families and leave their partners if they are not fellow members of the sect, but they have found other ways to imitate L. Their most effective technique is to take a half-truth—that all journalistic choices are ideological to some extent—and use it as a weapon to suppress the full truth.

It ought to be obvious that a left-wing reporter will have an urge to expose corporate misconduct, just as a right-wing reporter will be on the watch for the hypocrisies of the left.

But a deeper pressure is operating on the corporation that carries with it a warning, not only to journalists, but to all who think of themselves as men and women of political integrity.

To the bemusement of Americans brought up with the separation of church and state, here in England, we have a state church: the Anglican Church of England.

Unlike news organizations whose business models have been wrecked by the Web, this arrangement has guaranteed the BBC an income that allows it to dominate the British media.

I am only exaggerating slightly when I say that news isn’t news here until it is covered by the BBC.

As pertinently, journalists should never assume a subject has become off-limits, because that is what the enemies of free expression demand.

Much of contemporary politics resembles the brainwashing techniques of religious sects, which discredit sources of information that might contradict the cult’s teachings.


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