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He even went to the extent of bringing up the emotional appeal by again relating to the state of the country, and the circumstances he grew up in.A top tier business school will shoot down the narrative for the same reasons as you will.

This essay prompt requires each individual to have his or her own unique story because of its 'personal nature'. The Co-passenger Effect: Many a times I try to bring in the Co-passenger context while asking you to construct your stories.

When the MBA applicants start sending me their stories, and start sounding politically correct, I try to change context and ask them to imagine that I am a Co-passenger taking a flight with them to Mumbai (Two hours tops), and there is no chance of running into me again.

I am sure you too are getting the same feeling that I got when I read this theme.

Reading something like the second narrative, you will get an internal kick “Oh!

Professional necessity has conditioned most of us to be connected to our external devices more than our interior lives, more devoted to multi-tasking than mindfulness.

Yet that’s precisely what the business school admission process is trying to exact from applicants.

(750 Words).’His First Shot at the Narrative: The first narrative weaved the story around how he grew up in the under developed cities of the country, witnessed the adversity that continuously inspired him to make an impact on the infrastructure of the nation, world, and how he chose to join one of the largest infrastructure Public Sector companies in the country.

The entire thread was constructed to showcase a deep desire to bring quality to the life.

” Rather he should think of all the emotional and rational aspects of it. Find the pushing force that inspired you to achieve your short term and long-term goals.

What discoveries did you make about yourself on this process?


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