Biodiversity Assignment

In our country, you can find more ecosystem diversity compared to other countries.

We have several biomes like alpine meadows, rainforests, deserts, wetlands, and mangroves etc.

It includes different animals, plants, micro-organisms and their genes, water ecosystems, terrestrial, and marine ecosystems in which they all are present.

Biodiversity is necessary for our existence as well as valuable in its own right.

It is mainly caused by industrialization, population, and urbanization.

Today, 31% gymnosperms,32%amphibians,12% bird species and 23% of mammals face the threat of loss of biodiversity.

This is because it provides the fundamental building blocks for the many goods and services which provides a healthy environment to lead our life.

Biodiversity include fundamental things to our health like fresh water clean air and food products, as well as the many other products such as timber and fiber.

For example, Colombia (near the equator) has 1400 species of birds whereas New York(41° N) has 105 species.

Why is species diversity important to the ecosystem?


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