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However, I do recommend getting parents involved if this behavior is a regular occurrence.Of course, my preferred method is a positive consequence.A lot of times, students care more about this kind of consequence than they do about sitting out or working through lunch.

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Managing homework is definitely something that many teachers struggle with. Try not to jump all over the place and pull random worksheets out. I NEVER give my students homework on something I just taught them.

There should never be the question on “What is our homework tonight? The BEST way to keep your routine consistent is to pick a resource to use for your homework for each subject and stick with it. It is very consistent and everyone knows what to expect!

My next 4 tips are going to explain more about how to do this. You don’t have time to spend each morning asking each student to show you their homework. They aren’t checking for correctness, just completion. By doing this, I save lots of time and still use my homework effectively. Starting the first day of school, I explain that there is no penalty for getting a problem wrong and that there is only a penalty if they don’t try!

This saves me time and my sanity during my morning routine. (NOTE: I do check homework more closely during small group instruction and use it as a learning tool). Before the day begins, I project the answer key up on the front board (zooming in on the day we are focusing on) for my students to check their work for accuracy. I explain that I expect them to always do their best and that homework is simply a tool for them to use to monitor their own learning.

When you’re done, enter your text into the form above (bookmark this page now for later use! If you see an underlined in your text, click on them to see more options. Then, the system will automatically check grammar usage and spelling and give you the final verdict.

Lastly, make the suggested changes to your text before you send it on its way.While there is a serious debate going on where few of them say that homework is just more strain put on students and this is the reason that many schools are cutting down the system of homework at elementary levels.However it could be concluded that it is for the school to decide wisely on the subject! I find the most success when I reward those who do their homework rather than punishing those who don’t.No matter which way you decide to go, being consistent with your consequences is key. In fact, don’t make anything homework related a hassle. I use a simple checklist where they can simply mark if a student did or didn’t complete their homework. However, I do go over homework as a group every single day.I am not a believer in taking away recess and I think a lot of schools don’t encourage that either. I have come across a few strategies that have worked for different groups of students.First, I have told my students that I will call home and speak with their parent if homework is missed.Every school has a very different learning pattern and system of teaching as well.But one would come across one similarity in all school and that is the Homework. Parents can also stay in control when they know what is expected. I have lots of tried-and-true tips for “EVERYTHING” homework related! Keeping things consistent will keep students from getting confused and forgetting their homework.


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