Christian Worldview Essay

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David Werther considers whether Christ as fully divine could have given in to temptation -- was capable of having given in to temptation. On the other hand, if a religious worldview is filled out by doctrinal beliefs, then, fairly clearly, within the broad spectrum of the Christian tradition there might be several worldviews filled out by different (and sometimes competing) doctrinal beliefs. Yandell explicitly says that there are "different accounts of what the rational standards are," and he says, "I will not discuss them here" (11).

The authors of the introduction understand the issue between exclusivism and pluralism as being about religious truth claims or doctrines.

It is this understanding of the issue that leads to the dismissal of religions other than one's own as false or untrue.

Three of its four parts correspond to these three areas.

The initial part, which contains Yandell's essay, is entitled "Religion and Worldview Assessment." Not all of the authors who refer to Yandell and discuss his work are in complete agreement with him.


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