Classroom Assignments

The game continues until only one person is left standing.

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Whether it’s just too hot to go outdoors (lucky you, many of us wish we had that problem) or too cold because it’s winter and frigid outside, a day trapped in your classroom can feel like a lifetime.

While many of you have heard of brain breaks and probably use them throughout your day, it still may not be enough to ease some of that tension.

This free website (which you can link to your Smartboard) has free games, interactive videos, and classroom activities that students just love.

These short videos are perfect if you want students to get their energy out or even relax and calm down.

But, when the music stops they don’t sit on a chair, instead they stand on a circle.

The last person standing that is not on a circle sticker is out.To make it even easier on teachers, Go Noodle made several mega mixes, which incorporate several activities into one video that can last anywhere from seven minutes to 20 minutes.This classic game is still popular in today’s classrooms.If you notice that the forecast for tomorrow calls for frigid temperatures, then instruct students to bring in a smock the following day.Take all of the art supplies that you can get your hands on, and let students’ imaginations run wild.If the person throwing the ball doesn’t throw it well, they are out. Yoga is the best, most relaxing way for your students to get their energy out while staying Zen.It’s engaging, but at the same time helps increase students’ energy and focus.“I distribute a Doc through Classroom, where all kids can work on the Doc together, at the same time.I project it on the board to facilitate quick discussion.Have students place all of the games in the front of the room for all to see.Then, allow students to vote for the game that they would like to play.


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