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The Oilers eventually end up competing in the regional high school playoffs, but ultimately lose to St. Nonetheless, Carter is proud that the players accomplished their goal of attaining a proper education with athletics.The film’s epilogue displays a series of graphics stating that some players went on to attend college furthering their study.This article is to illustrate how the film “Coach Carter” represents a false narrative of the life of a teacher and their connection to high school athletics.

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However, three players including Timo Cruz (Rick Gonzalez) refuse to follow the contract and quit the team.

Carter’s son Damien (Robert Andrew Richard) later decides to join the team, after quitting the private school St. Teammate Kenyon Stone (Rob Brown) struggles to come to terms with his girlfriend Kyra (Ashanti) being pregnant; unsure if he can juggle basketball and aspire for college.

However, Carter later discovers the progress reports filled out by the faculty reveal some of the students have been skipping classes and floundering academically.

Carter initiates a lockdown on the gym, banning the team from playing until they improve their grades.

The athletes decided to fulfill Carter’s original intention of pursuing academic achievement before continuing to play their next game, with one explaining that the school board can force an end to the lockout, but the players can’t be forced to play.

They work hard in the classroom, study after school during practice time, and eventually raise their grade point average to the point that fulfills their end of the contracts they signed.

When a high school basketball team is good or bad, it pulls the community together, like most high school sports, but I especially love basketball. Seeing young boys and girls grow up into young men and women is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

Seeing them change from little first-year students into respected and respectful seniors is a delight. It has a great mixture of high school basketball and teaching.

The act angers the locals, parents and academic personnel who criticized Coach Carter.

The school board eventually confronts Carter, who justifies his actions, explaining he wants to give his team the opportunity and option to learn ethical values, which is far more critical for the students’ futures than winning basketball games.


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