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The college could have children friendly programs in the evenings. Where else is there here for children and young teens to go? After thinking, decide which side you believe has the most reasonable argument and state it: This is the beginning of your thesis statement. Now you have a more detailed thesis statement: Example: The library should open itself to youth by having nightly educational programs each evening because it will enable more parents to attend evening class, it will promote needed literacy and it will keep children safe. Now, you are ready to plan how you will present your argument. Many people say that it’s up to the parents to figure out what to do with their children while they are in class, and the college should not get involved since it’s not the college’s responsibility.

Homes for the homeless A guide to affordable housing: 9. Adults have children and since the county is one of the five poorest in the nation, it’s highly unlikely that most students have the money to pay for childcare. Nightly programs in the library would involve children and promote a love of reading. It’s better for unattended children to be in the library rather than roaming the streets. Add them to your thesis statement (optional, but highly recommended). Here are common ways to support the reasons in your argument: A. be the most used programming language in the world. Decide what you feel is the best objection the other side will have. You can refute the other side or accommodate it (meaning agree in part with it, but still say your opinion is the most reasonable overall). Add the counterargument to your thesis (optional) Now you have a complete thesis statement: Example: Even though there is a cost involved, the library should open itself to youth by having nightly educational programs each evening because it will enable more parents to attend evening class, it will promote needed literacy and it will keep children safe. However, the children of the community need and deserve the time and attention of adults while their parents are attending classes…. Example of a refutation: This means you say the other side is wrong.

Persuasion essays are another common type of academic writing.

This page gives information on what a persuasion essay is and types of support to use for this type of essay.

Only 15% of homeless children are in preschool programs, less than half the rate of all ... The largest program for the poor was the Aid to Families with dependant Children. It is morally irresponsible for the college to lock children out of the library or class buildings in the cold or to allow children to roam the campus or community unattended.

Declining wages and changes in the welfare programs account for increasing poverty among families. The library should open itself to children and young teens during the evenings instead of the current policy of banning them even to the point of calling the local police. However, the fact is that many parents don’t have the money for babysitters and no one can force parents to keep their children at home.This planning guide is for an essay assignment that didn’t require sources but this will help you with any essay you write. Ways to introduce counter-arguments include the following:  Often people (say, argue or think etc.) that (state the counter-argument), but__________________  It is often (thought or believed) that (state the counter-argument; however, ___________. Just remember that you must choose a topic that DOES require sources unlike the sample topic you see here.  Commonly, (people, researchers, politicians, citizens or whatever group) think (state the counter-argument), but__________________ You can also use and cite sources to help you refute or accommodate an opposing view. of payment have one argument on their side: attending college itself does not require ... Examples (personal or known and typical examples) E. For example, if you were to write in support of pro-life, don’t characterize your opposition as being “for” abortion. The other side is “for choice”, not “for abortion.” b. Either refute the possible objection(s,) or accommodate the possible objections. If you believe that the other side’s argument is very strong, address it in one of your first paragraphs. You will seem unreasonable and not credible if you do so.However, instead of presenting a balanced view considering both sides, a persuasion essay will focus on one side.To persuade means to convince someone that a particular opinion is the correct one, and so your task when writing a persuasion essay is to convince the reader that your view of the situation is correct.The rebuttal part is shown in bold: It could be argued that the gods only enforce their brand of justice when it seems convenient to them.Zeus complains that "the way these mortals blame the gods" is "shameless" (Homer ) while Athena asks him if he has "no care for [Odysseus] in your lofty heart? Despite the fact that Odysseus' house is besieged by suitors, the gods do not punish them immediately - it takes years before they meet their fates.For example, to convince your readers that same-sex schools are disadvantageous, you might say, 'If students do not go to mixed schools, they will lose many opportunities to interact with members of the opposite sex, which may hurt them in their development of important social skills'. For instance, telling the reader, 'If students do not go to mixed schools, they will be shy and will not be able to talk to members of the opposite sex' exaggerates the consequences of going to single-sex schools and will make your argument less persuasive.A rebuttal paragraph is designed to introduce the opposing argument, to show that you are open to additional opinions, but concludes with you arguing why the opposition is incorrect.


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