Creating Custom Functions In 2010

All code within your file should be wrapped within a custom function.This function should then be added to an action or filter hook.See the section Custom Inline Functions for instructions on deploying custom inline functions for the legacy workflow design tools: the Silverlight-based workflow designer and the K2 Studio/K2 for Visual Studio workflow designer.

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Please see the legacy component support policy for more information about support for these components.

Inline functions allow simple text manipulation, data type conversions, and math and date calculations in the context of a process.

Sometimes, I see themes with extremely complex functions that do multiple things.

There’s nothing wrong with having a function that performs something complex, but you shouldn’t make it complex by having the function perform more than a single . Always look for a solution in the core Word Press code before writing your own code.

Highly complex code for Inline Functions should therefore be avoided and you should take the necessary precautions to write code that is efficient and manages memory and resources responsibly. It is not supported by K2 product support and is not intended to be used as-is in production environments.

Sample Project You can download a sample custom Inline Function project from K2Documentation. Inline Functions are implemented by creating a C# class library with public static methods, and then decorating the classes and methods you wish to expose as Inline Functions with specific attributes.I’ve seen too many functions written that could’ve been done with an equivalent Word Press function in themes.There are two major benefits to doing this: file that fits in with the theme review guidelines, uses hooks, and implements some common functionality found within themes.If you want to customize K2 and add interaction with an external system, consider creating a Custom Service Broker and exposing the system as a Smart Object instead.Inline Functions run in the context of the K2 Workflow Server, so they have the potential to affect server performance. The sample project is provided for demonstration purposes only.By adding everything from a hook, your functions file becomes much more organized and allows users to remove things using the functions.It also makes sure that things are loaded at their proper point in the Word Press flow.I won’t cover how hooks work here, but if you don’t know how to use hooks or even what they are, you should not be adding code to a theme functions file.Just dropping random snippets of code you’ve found from around the Web into this file is not something you should do.Bear the following points in mind when creating custom Inline Functions: Once you have the project set up, you can start adding your classes and methods.Each class may represent a series of functions, with each method corresponding to individual functions displayed in the K2 Context Browser.


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