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If a product I mention sounds like it might be for you, type the product name into a search engine.

If a product I mention sounds like it might be for you, type the product name into a search engine.

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Okay, let’s look at the four types of novel writing software one by one…

Writing a novel can sometimes feel like juggling a dozen balls at once…

Computer programs just aren’t as clever as us humans, at least not when it comes to creative thinking. Imagine if a computer really could produce a novel with minimal input from a human. It would be like having a robot to put together a jigsaw puzzle for you – when Before we get started, please understand that I’m not trying to sell you anything in the reviews below.

If you see a review for a product online, and then a link pointing to the product on another site, there’s a good chance that the reviewer will earn an affiliate commission from the sale (typically 25%).

Regular word processors like Microsoft Word or Pages on a Mac are great (I’m using Word right now), but 95% of the features are totally unnecessary for writing fiction…

important to writers – namely, easy access (on the same screen) to all your character notes, setting notes, and so on.If you like the sound of Dramatica but want something a lot simpler, there’s a seriously scaled-down version called Story Weaver (). You’ll ultimately write a better novel by using the software in your head – your brain.Worth checking out, although it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in several years. And task, whether you plan to self-publish or go down the traditional route. Simply because it is tailor-made for novelists (and therefore includes functions such as a dialogue tag checker).If you have no intention of learning the rules of how to write fiction (i.e., you just want to crack on with the actual writing and trust your natural storytelling instincts), then I suppose that story development software will at least set you off in the right direction. The next level up is what I’d call “story development software with brains” – in other words, you still get a computer program doing the heavy lifting but, unlike the software above, it doesn’t try to cram your story ideas into a one-size-fits-all box.There’s only one contender here: Dramatica Story Expert (0, for Macs) or Dramatica Pro (0, the PC version).Many come with a free trial, so you can try before you buy.) The next variety of software ramps things up a notch by assisting you with creating the characters and writing the plot.More advanced story development software also helps with developing the theme and the “story world” – the setting, in other words. You type a few notes into a box, click a few buttons and – hey presto!Just understand that there’s no to understand fictional theory to that degree of complexity in order to write great novels.As a matter of fact, immersing yourself in Dramatica theory could turn out to be an all-consuming task that eats up the next year or two of your life.Dramatica is a work of genius, and it will undoubtedly help you to write a rich and complex novel. You will only get out of the software what you put in to it. If you relish the prospect of spending hour upon hour studying the theory book and watching all the video demonstrations – not to mention getting to grips with the software itself – go for it.(If I had more time on my hands, I’d love nothing better.) If you would rather spend those hours working on your novel, stick with the novel writing theory you get from me.


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