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As Master Sergeants, your entire way of life will change.

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Recite it to yourself or have someone read it aloud to you.

Highlight portions that are meaningful or interesting to you. *Write a 5-paragraph essay over your personal thoughts about the creed.: Introduction- introduce yourself to us, your instructors.

The CAPP 60-33 changes were added because NCO’s are or should be knowledgeable of those chapters and the emphasis on command voice to be brought to the forefront to improve drill overall, ie a Command voice should instill a “snap”, and a unit’s movement should be in sync…among other things to learn.

SNCO’s in all services are the top 3 ranks of the enlisted Corp’s.

Include any information that you would like for us to know about yourself and your CAP career.

Additionally, include what you hope to learn and/or accomplish at this year's Fall NCOA.The change to add working knowledge of CAPP 60-33 chapters 1-5 is because SNCO’s should be expert in drill.The SNCO’s are in leadership positions all the way up to squadron level formations with the First Sergeant forming the squadron for squadron drill.*Read the attached link to a copy of the USAF NCO creed thoroughly.Other tools: APFT calculator, risk calculator, build your own flash cards. It has been updated 36 times, new content comes monthly. Squatch at who is generously paying for your ticket.*Added Alpha Roster Feature, now create alpha rosters for QUICK AND EASY Soldier accountability and save them to . We've also got knowledge packages for quick reference and study:-200 Flashcards on NCO Topics-55 pages of appearance standards-11 philosophical essays from around the Army-23 Smart Cards Risk Assessment Matrix, SALUTE Report, LACE Report, Call for Fire, CBRNE 1 Report, 9 Line UXO/IED, 9 Line MEDIEVAL, Evaluate a Casualty, 5 S' of EPW Handling, OCOKA, GOTWA, METT-TC, OPORD Format, SITREP Format, Step Training Model, 7 Principles of Training (and more) -Counseling Tips-Suicide Prevention Literature-NCOERs: 1300 SAMPLE Bullets Duty Descriptions-NCO Creed -ASU Inspection Pictures-Weblinks to external resources The Army NCO Guide is running on its sixth year of providing awesome content to the Soldiers and NCOs of the U. : Describe what actions you will take during the NCOA weekend to sharpen your skills in the areas described in the second and third paragraph.Additionally, describe what you action you think you could take to sharpen those skills in other arenas, such as your home squadron, your school, or your job.You are afforded privileges not awarded to others, and you have freely accepted responsibility beyond the call of normal duty.You have, by your actions and performance, earned the respect of your seniors and juniors.We should set the proper example and stay committed to excellence as NCOs to make better Marines overall.Junior Marines follow what they are taught and will look up to you as their leader.


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