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Soviet economists were not allowed to deviate from the official view of the Soviet economy.

They could not use or cite any statistic or quantitative measure not published in the open literature or approved by central statistical authorities, no matter how distorted these data were.

The archival work for this project had to be highly selective and discriminating.

A list of Russian archives searched appears at the end of this chapter.

The secrecy was pervasive--even researchers cleared for basic classified documents would not find muchand were essentially isolated from the outside world, particularly from the outside international scholarly community.

The Soviet open economic literature paid scant attention to Western analyses of the Soviet economy or offered short, critical, and largely defensive summaries of Western research.This paper is not focused exclusively on studies of the Soviet economy by the CIA but on the broader scope of Western, primarily American, economic Sovietology.But it must be recognized that in the postwar period the Agency was a major player, some would say the dominant player, in the development and progress of research on the Soviet economy, polity, and society.The period covered in this study is approximately from the beginning of Nikita Khrushchev’s reign in the mid 1950s to the beginning of Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy in the late 1980s, when the internal restrictions on Western scholarly literature were significantly relaxed if not completely lifted, and many new channels of interaction between the Soviet Union and the outside world emerged.Although internal censorship rules governing access to and utilization of Western publications changed somewhat over this long period, the basic patterns remained relatively stable.An updated text titled Censorship, Access and Influence: Western Sovietology in the Soviet Union (Berkeley, CA: University of California at Berkeley, 1999) also was published.I am grateful to Christopher Andrew, Oleg Kalugin, Sergo Mikoyan, and Timothy Naftali for their thoughtful comments on the draft of this paper.Apparently it's normal though and males have it and girls don't and it's a sure fire way to find out someone's sex.So yeah, girls do you really not have one, is there anything there instead? I should really go feel for lumps on people right now but it's late and it would freak people out.The need to seek out Western sources of data for the Soviet Union was not restricted to Soviet economists.For example, William Odom cites a case in which researchers of the Moscow Institute for the Study of the USA "denied access to Soviet military thinking and information, resorted to Western data on Soviet forces, and adopted Western concepts to the Soviet internal debate." The purpose of this study is relatively narrow.


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