Critical Thinking Web 2.0 Tools

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Martin noticed that effective CEOs understood that their own world view was limited, so they sought out opposing viewpoints and came to creative solutions by leveraging seemingly opposing positions.

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Process-oriented skills are hard to pin down; teachers can see them in certain students, but developing these competencies in students who aren’t already demonstrating them can be tricky.

A few teachers in Ontario, Canada have been experimenting with tools they think could make the difference.

21st Century Classroom Part I: This DPI presentation provides a framework for 21st century learning with an emphasis of the 21st century skills of critical thinking and creativity.

Participants engage in collaborative experiences to learn more about these two Cs.

“I wanted the kids to realize there is no bad answer,” Watt said.

Critical Thinking Web 2.0 Tools

“There’s just an appropriate answer or a not-quite there answer.” In a training on “integrative thinking” at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, Watt finally found the tools he needed to develop students’ critical thinking.

He often received writing responses that were a simple sentence and he was struggling to empower his students to push their thinking further.

Many of them already had deeply ingrained ideas about what they were and weren’t good at, what they could and couldn’t accomplish.

The following information captures the 21st century mandates that our students will acquire on their path to graduation.

Framework for 21st Century Learning (pdf, 367kb) What professional development have you provided for teachers/administrators to support their understanding and implementation of the 4 Cs of 21st Century Teaching and Learning?


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