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Simply saying that guys enjoy a really pointless challenge does not fully cover this part of “Guyness.” Barry discusses an incident that occurred while he was working for the Miami Herald.He explains that one of his guy coworkers was writing an article about a star high school football player who could run the forty-yard dash in 4.38 seconds.David Thomas’s essay deals with the differences in mental capabilities between guys and girls and factors that hinder their development.

Dave Barry did an excellent job of making all people, male and female, question, observe, and understand both their serious and more whimsical sides.

” I did not experience this in my high school courses, because I came from a small school where there were often ten people in a classroom.

However, I have experienced this double standard in my college courses.

First, guys like to buy “neat” things that they don’t really need. Last, but not least, guys are not very good at communicating their intimate feelings. They will return with an electric spatula that doubles as a potato peeler, and can also mix drinks.

Barry explains that, while the products have no practical use, guys will buy them because they seem cool and exciting.


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