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(I hardly need to point out that about the same proportion of white evangelical Protestants still form the lion’s share of President Donald Trump’s base.) showed Pastor Dave being handcuffed and hauled away from St.

(I hardly need to point out that about the same proportion of white evangelical Protestants still form the lion’s share of President Donald Trump’s base.) showed Pastor Dave being handcuffed and hauled away from St.James in a cop car for refusing to hand over his sermons to the government for review.the third installment in the wildly popular and commercially successful Christian movie franchise — comes when the beleaguered Pastor Dave (David A. White) goes to visit Pastor Roland (Gregory Alan Williams), the minister at the nearby predominantly black church, and Roland reads him the riot act.

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After widespread outcry and strong arguments that this was an unconstitutional action, Parker dropped the subpoena.

Arguments for God’s existence are trotted out mostly in support in the movies’ main plots, which are about threats Christian characters face from people who are hostile toward Christians talking about God in the public square.

This, the films posit, is the relationship of Christian America to the rest of the country.

James is being targeted for being Christian, tells Dave that “you guys love to play the victim card,” and that he’ll help him with his legal battles around eminent domain but won’t play into the “false narrative” that Dave believes. That statement could be read as the movie’s startling admission of guilt, except that it’s the liberal, blithely apostate character who’s saying it, so it can’t be trusted.

However, there are a handful of other moments in which verges on realizing that the persecution complex that undergirds its predecessors’ stories might not be all that airtight.


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