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Firms discriminate to avoid costly interviews with workers they would not hire ex-post.But since they would not hire them ex-post, discrimination at the interview stage has no real effect on their counterfactual job-finding rates.Here is a list of great dissertation topics on youth unemployment: Please be guided that when writing about this topic, you can depend on government statistics for unemployment in particular states if you obtain it from a credible source or consider gathering first-hand data through conducting interviews, surveys, designing questionnaires or go out in the field to get the latest and freshest data.

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To map this evidence into its effect on the job-finding rate and long-term unemployment, we propose a search model of the labor market where dynamic selection on unobservables endogenously generates such discrimination.

We show quantitatively and analytically that when discrimination is rationalized as statistical, it has only small effects on the job finding rate and contributes little to long-term unemployment.

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Having youth unemployment as a topic when you are to write a dissertation, the task that you need to deal with is not easy but daunting.

The reason behind this is because it absolutely comes with a broad scope and is actually of great significance only if you could address the issue precisely and be able to provide brilliant solution to this prevalent issue which not only underdeveloped and developing nations suffer from but even the prominent countries as well.

More than that, it is good news to know that it is possible to unveil tons of information on unemployment and the manner it is affecting other institutes in the community such as crime and jurisdiction, health, marriage and education.

Be that as it may, it is up to the writer to figure out which of this information relates most to his or her dissertation and is well-founded enough to be a component of a discerning academic homework.

These forces include waves of new products and processes, spread of trade and development around the world.

However the cause of unemployment problem in Europe in comparison to the United States was their labor market institutions while the United States is far more superior due to the flexibility of their labor market.


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