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ENG 491, if taken, can be counted as part of the 30-31 hours of advanced study. For lists of pre-approved courses, see the Department of Civil Engineering.Writing a civil engineering dissertation can be tough task.

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Students are required to complete 10 courses, which is 30-31 hours of advanced study. At least seven courses must be chosen from the following list: Upon advance approval of the committee, CE 591 or 599 may be taken in place of one or two of the above courses.

Students will need to complete a course study proposal prior to enrolling in either of these classes.

Ross '14, "Characterization Of A Point Source Methane Plume With An Innovative Aerial Technique" Jennifer Kim '14, "Effects of ammonium phosphate as a consolidating agent on cementitious surfaces" Bar Shabtai '14, "The Application of Machine Learning to Active Tensegrity Structures" Eliza Lynn Learner '14, "The Costs and Benefits of Green Roof Retrofits: A Case Study of a Green Roof Installation on Lewis Thomas Laboratory" Elizabeth G. Lin: Building Bridges Through Engineering and Ideas" Kyle Meng '05 "Identifying Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in China" Carol Rosenfeld '05 "Limitations on power production in the Delaware River Basin: Current and future cooling water use" Christi Niehans '05 "Rebuilding the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge" Jennifer Bennett '05 "An Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Containment Buildings with an Unanticipated Construction Opening: Steam Generator Replacement at Duke Power's Oconee Nuclear Station" Ben Rosenberg '05 "The Stadiums of the Philadelphia Eagles: A Structural and Cultural History" Matt Bussman '04 "The Petronas Towers: simulated aircraft impacts and tests for progressive collapses" Elliott Holland '04 "Agricultural water policy and the groundwater mining phenomenon on Arkansas' Grand Prairie" Joshua White '04 "Aerodynamic stability of multi-box suspension bridge decks" Alexis Shulman '04 "Providing social and environmental benefits through urban schoolyard greening" Mary Blaisdell '04 "The effects of floor system design on the performance of a post-tensioned steel moment resisting frame" Peter A.

Harkins '14, "Predicting Terrorism with Climate Change: A Study of Engineering Capabilities in Climate Risk and Sociocultural Vulnerability in Africa" Saul M. Route 1 in Princeton, New Jersey" Stephanie Bachas-Daunert '10 "Environmental Impact at Tarragona" Jonathan Bradshaw '10 "Cost-Effectiveness of Weatherization in Low-Income Urban Housing" Lauren Clark '10 "The True Cost of Construction: An Analysis of the Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Materials Used in the Streicker Bridge" Gregor Horstmeyer '10 "Structural and Constructional Feasibility of Glass Elements: A Hyperbolic Umbrella" George Lederman '10 "A Novel Deployable Tied Arch Bridge" Claire Marine-Sarner '10 "An Evening at the Opera: Audience, Spectacle and Architectural Space" Ben Oliver '10 "Water Balance Studies of Green Infrastructure on the Princeton University campus" Eric Hui '09 "Cost-Benefit of Emission Control System Retrofits for Coal-Fired Power Plants with the Option of SO2 Co-injection in Geologic Carbon Sequestration" George Puryear '09 "Expedient versus Prefabricated: The United States Military's Approach to Structural Engineering During the Vietnam War" Zoe Hoster '09 "Multiple Arch Dams: The Evolution of the Form" Janice Lee '09 "Eladio Dieste and Feliz Candela: Similar Values, Different Approach to Thin Shell Design" Emily Weissinger '09 "Characterization of Early Cement Hydratio: A Multifaceted Approach to Finding the Setting Time" Kira Schiavello '08 "A Parametric Study of the Multi-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Form" Raleigh Martin '08 "Urbanization, Aerosols and Precipitation Modification in Beijing" Gregory Hiller '08 "Autogenous Healing & Engineered Cementitous Composite Under Sustained Load" Abigail Campbell '08 "Structural Analysis of a Drug-Eluting Cardiovascular Stent" Christine Holzer '07 "Optimization of Thin-Shelled Hypar Structures: Felix Candela and the Chapel Lomas de Cuernavaca" Antonio Lacayo '07 "Lessons from the Brazilian Ethanol Experience: The Case for Nicaragua" Sara Piaskowy '07 "Engineerinig for Life at Low Elevations: A case study of bay side flooding in Seaside Park, NJ" Ryan Rimmele '07 "A Comparison of Analysis Procedures for Progressive Collapse" Katharine Smith '07 "Nitrogen Toxicity in Lake Carnegie: A Study of the influence of nitrogen loads on a freshwater system using AQUATOX" W.

Whether your writing skills are less than perfect or you need to select a topic to write about, the process can be mind-boggling for a graduate who has multiple obligations on their plate.

Even those who enjoy writing experience challenges, since it is likely the assignment will take more time and energy to complete to obtain a good quality.

Sevi PDF Innovative solutions in bridge construction, rehabilitation, and structural health monitoring, Fabio Matta PDF Experimental and analytical evaluation of FRP-confined large size reinforced concrete columns, Silvia Rocca PDF Field and laboratory investigation of ozone-indoor surface reactions: secondary emissions inventory and implications for indoor air quality, Hong Wang PDF The leaching behavior of arsenic, selenium and other trace elements in coal fly ash, Tian Wang Structural condition assessment of the Bill Emerson Memorial Cable-Stayed Bridge using neural networks, Wenjian Wang Development and assessment of transparent soil and particle image velocimetry in dynamic soil-structure interaction, Honghua Zhao The use of root-colonizing recombinant bacteria to enhance rhizosphere degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls, Amanda W.

Gilbertson PDF Behavior of reinforced concrete girders under cyclic torsion and torsion combined with shear: experimental investigation and analytical models, Gary Gordon Greene Jr.

PDF Chemically-bonded enamel-coated steel pipelines for corrosion protection and flow efficiency, Liang Fan PDF Torsional behavior of RC beams strengthened with PBO-FRCM composite, Meyyada Y.

Alabdulhady PDF Behavior and temporal-based effects of sustainable self-consolidating concrete in bridge structures, Hayder Hussein Alghazali PDF Strengthening of reinforced masonry walls subjected to out-of-plane pseudo-static cyclic load using advanced composite, Zuhair Al-Jaberi PDF Sensitivity of rheological properties of cement paste with SCC consistency, Azadehalsadat A.


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