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, Megan Elizabeth Ehlers PDF Novice Teachers' Stories of Solving Problems of Practice, Yvonne Franco PDF Facilitating Motivation in a Virtual World Within a Second Language Acquisition Classroom, Andrew Warren Gump PDF IWitness and Student Empathy: Perspectives from USC Shoah Foundation Master Teachers, Brandon Jerome Haas PDF Precalculus Students' Achievement When Learning Functions: Influences of Opportunity to Learn and Technology from a University of Chicago School Mathematics Project Study, Laura A.

Hauser PDF The Role of the Interruption in Young Adult Epistolary Novels, Betty J.

I argue that the ‘experiencer theta role’ is conceptually unnecessary and unsustained by syntactic evidence.

‘Experiencers’ can be reduced to different types of arguments.

PDF General Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Response to Intervention Implementation: A Qualitative Interview Study, Adhwaa Alahmari PDF Deaf Lesbian Identity, Noël E.

Cherasaro PDF Beyond Replicative Technology: The Digital Practices of Students with Literacy-Related Learning Difficulties Engaged in Productive Technologies, Aimee Frier PDF Once Upon a Genre: Distant Reading, the Newbery Medal, and the Affordances of Interdisciplinary Paradigms for Understanding Children’s Literature, Melanie Griffin PDF Learning in the Margins: The Educational Experiences of an African American Male with Disabilities, Aisha Holmes PDF The Effects of Music Choice on Perceptual and Physiological Responses to Treadmill Exercise, Taylor A.This dissertation focuses on when and how children learn about the meanings of the propositional attitude verbs "know" and "think". But they differ in their veridicality: "think" is non-veridical and can report a false belief; but "know" can only report true beliefs because it is a veridical verb.Furthermore, the verbs differ in their factivity: uses of "x knows p", but not uses of "x thinks p", typically presuppose the truth of "p", because "know" is factive and "think" is not.Previous work motivates a two-stage model of agreement attraction in which the parser predicts the verb’s number and engages in retrieval of the agreement controller only when it detects a mismatch between the prediction and the bottom-up input (Wagers, Lau & Phillips, 2009; Lago, Shalom, Sigman, Lau & Phillips, 2015).It is the second stage of retrieval and feature-checking that is thought to be error-prone, resulting in agreement attraction. This dissertation is concerned with how elliptical sentences are generated.There are two main types of experiencers I discuss: experiencers of psychological verbs and experiencers of raising constructions.I question the notion of ‘experiencers’ itself; and explore some possible accounts for the ‘psych-effects’." A Case Study on the Use of Political Cartoons in the American History Classroom, James Manuel Duran PDF A Multi-Perspective Exploration of a Cross-Age Tutoring Initiative: An Analysis of the Responses of All Students, Ann Elizabeth Gillies PDF The Impact of Continuous and Discontinuous Cycle Exercise on Affect: An Examination of the Dual-Mode Model, Sam Greeley PDF Communication and Academic Vocabulary in Mathematics: A Content Analysis of Prompts Eliciting Written Responses in Two Elementary Mathematics Textbooks, Christine M.This dissertation analyzes the syntax and processing of adjunct control.Ad- junct control is the referential relation between the implicit (PRO) subject of a non-finite adjunct clause and its understood antecedent, as in the temporal adjunct in ‘Holly1 went to bed [after PRO1 drinking milk]’, or the rationale clause in ‘August1 sat on the couch [in order PRO1 to read library books]’.Adjunct control is often as- sumed to involve a syntactic ‘Obligatory Control’ (OC) dependency, but I show that some adjuncts also permit what is referred to as ‘Non-Obligatory Control’ (NOC), as in the sentences ‘The food tasted better ...


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  • Noah Webster and the Dream of a Common Language Connecticut History.

    The same year that he married, Webster published a compilation of his speeches in Dissertations on the English Language, which proposed broad spelling reforms. Webster moved his growing family to New Haven in 1798 taking up residence in Benedict Arnold’s old house. Concerned that two Americans had already authored dictionaries, Webster began working on his own dictionary.…


    Dissertations and theses are arranged by language studied and then sorted by author’s last name. If multiple languages are the focus of the research, these dissertations and theses are under “Multiple…

  • The Importance of English Language Learning and Teaching in South Korea

    I, Sunny Gavran, declare that the Master by Research thesis entitled ‘The Importance of English Language Learning and Teaching in South Korea’ is no more than 60,000 words in length including quotes and exclusive of tables, figures, appendices, bibliography, references and footnotes. This thesis contains no material…

  • An Investigation into the English Language Writing Strategies Used by.

    This dissertation aims to investigate the English language strategies used Polish secondary school students of English as a Foreign Language EFL. The major objective is to establish whether those students are able to take control of their own writing in English. This chapter…

  • Ph. D. Dissertations - Department of Linguistics - UCLA

    The Acquisition of SiSwati as a First Language A Morphological Study with Special Reference to Noun Prefixes, Noun Classes, and Some Agreement Markers Lopez, Barbara S. 1979 The Sound Pattern of Brazilian Portuguese Marchese, Lynell 1979 Tense/Aspect and the Development of Auziliaries in the Kru Language Family Sabsay, Sharon L. 1979…

  • Teaching and Learning Theses and Dissertations Teaching and Learning.

    Theses/Dissertations from 2016 PDF. Urban English Language Arts Teachers’ Stories of Technology Use A Narrative Inquiry, Bridget Abbas. PDF. Teachers’ Third Eye Using Video Elicitation Interviews To Facilitate Kuwaiti Early Childhood Preservice Teachers’ Reflections, Hessa Alsuhail. PDF…


    THE EFFECT OF GENDER STEREOTYPES IN LANGUAGE ON ATTITUDES TOWARD SPEAKERS by Christy L. Dennison B. A. English, Chatham College, 1999 Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics University of Pittsburgh 2006…

  • Dissertation on the English Language -

    Dissertation on the English Language was a book written by American lexicographer Noah Webster in 1789. The book followed Webster's 1783 work Spelling Book and aimed to differentiate American English from British English. 1 In the book, Webster commented that "our honor requires us to have a system of our own, in language as well as government.…

  • Dissertation Definition of dissertation by Lexico

    What does dissertation mean? dissertation is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A long essay on a particular subject, especially one written for a university degree or diploma. DICTIONARY…

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