Doctoral Thesis In Economics

Visitors address: Department of Economics Universitetsvägen 10 A Frescati, Stockholm House A, floor 4 and 7 Postal address: Stockholm University Department of Economics 106 91 Stockholm Phone: Switch board: 46 (0)8 16 20 00 Fax: 46 (0)8 15 94 82 E-mail: Contact a member of staff directly ([email protected]).

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Beja PDF Rethinking municipal privatization: A Marxian class analysis of the privatization of New York City's Central Park, Oliver David Cooke PDF Financial liberalization and its distributional consequences: An empirical exploration, Arjun Jayadev PDF Three essays on gender, land rights, and collective action in Brazil's rural political economy, Merrilee Mardon PDF Land markets, female land rights and agricultural productivity in Paraguayan agriculture, Thomas Masterson PDF Workers' struggles and transformations of capitalism at industrial enterprises in Russia, 1985–2000, Maxim V Maximov PDF Economy and society: Class relations and the process of economic growth, Erik K Olsen PDF Gender, liberalization and agrarian change in Telangana, Smriti Rao PDF The contradictory imperatives of New Deal banking reforms, Ellen D Russell PDF The contradictory imperatives of New Deal banking reforms., Ellen D.

Russell, Economics PDF Equity in community -based sustainable development: A case study in western India, Priya Parvathy Sangameswaran PDF Mandated wage floors and the wage structure: Analyzing the ripple effects of minimum and prevailing wage laws, Jeannette Wicks-Lim PDF Public enterprises in mixed economies: Their impact on economic growth and social equity, Andong Zhu PDF An economic analysis of prison labor in the United States, Asatar P Bair PDF Three essays on income, inequality and environmental degradation, Rachel A Bouvier PDF The implementation and enforcement of environmental regulations in a less developed market economy: Evidence from Uruguay, Marcelo F Caffera PDF Race, altruism and trust: Experimental evidence from South Africa, Justine Claire Keswell PDF Transferable permit systems to control spatial pollutants: A laboratory experiment, Margarita Korneeva PDF Exchanging entailments: The contested meaning of commodity exchange, Philip M Kozel PDF Three essays on capital account liberalization and economic growth: New measures, new estimates and the experience of South Korea, Kang-Kook Lee PDF Enterprise hybrids and alternative growth dynamics, Kenneth M Levin PDF Social interaction and economic institution, Yongjin Park PDF Research and policy considerations in the valuation and the allocation of environmental and health commodities, Mihail Samnaliev PDF Immiserizing growth: Globalization and agrarian change in Telangana, South India between 19, Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam PDF Social networks and labor market outcomes: Theoretical expansions and econometric analysis, Russell E Williams PDF Three essays on the evolution of cooperation, Jung-Kyoo Choi PDF Economic size and long -term growth: An empirical analysis of the consequences of small economic size on investment, productivity and income growth, Pavel E Isa PDF Essays on categorical inequality, non-linear income dynamics and social mobility in South Africa, Malcolm M Keswell PDF The effectiveness of tax incentives in attracting investment: The case of Puerto Rico, Carlos F Liard-Muriente PDF A theoretical and statistical exploration into the effects of morals, personality and uncertainty on hypothetical bias in contingent valuation, Joseph D Ogrodowczyk PDF The entrepreneurial powers of local government: Dillon's Rule revisited, Kenneth F Payne PDF The role of the stock market in influencing firm investment in China, Feng Xiao PDF Essays on the threat effects of foreign direct investment on labor markets, Minsik Choi PDF An international analysis of child welfare, Nasrin Dalirazar PDF Fiscal faux pas?

Icoz, Economics PDF Stumbling Toward the Up Escalator: How Trends in International Trade, Investment, and Finance Have Complicated Latin America’s Quest for Sustainable, Diversified Economic Development, Mary Eliza Rebecca Ray, Economics PDF Forms of Naturalism in Seminal Neoclassical Texts: An Analysis and Comparison of Léon Walras, John Bates Clark, and William Stanley Jevons, Mark Silverman, Economics PDF THREE ESSAYS ON CHILD WELFARE IN CÔTE D’IVOIRE, Didier Wayoro, Economics PDF Currency Mismatch and Balance Sheet Effects of Exchange Rate in Turkish Non-Financial Corporations, Serkan Demirkilic, Economics PDF The Impacts of Foreign Labor Migration of Men on Women's Empowerment in Nepal, Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar, Economics PDF Real and Nominal Effects of Exchange Rate Regimes, Emiliano Libman, Economics PDF Three Essays on International Economics and Finance, Juan Antonio Montecino, Economics PDF THREE ESSAYS ON “DOING CARE”, GENDER DIFFERENCES IN THE WORK DAY, AND WOMEN’S CARE WORK IN THE HOUSEHOLD, Avanti Mukherjee, Economics PDF Colonial and Post-Colonial Origins of Agrarian Development: The Case of Two Punjabs, Shahram Azhar, Economics PDF Three Essays on the Social Determinants of Early Childhood Health and Development, Andrew Barenberg, Economics PDF ELITE CAPTURE, FREE RIDING, AND PROJECT DESIGN: A CASE STUDY OF A COMMUNITY-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT IN CEARÁ, BRAZIL, Jessica Carrick-Hagenbarth, Economics PDF Three Essays on Sustainable Development in China: Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects, Ying Chen, Economics PDF Three Essays on Women's Land Rights in Rural Peru, Rosa L. Household Debt and the Sources of Systemic Financial Fragility, Thomas Herndon, Economics PDF Essays on Household Health Expenditures, National Health Insurance and Universal Access to Health Care in Ghana, EVELYN KWAKYE, Economics PDF Microfinance, Household Indebtedness and Gender Inequality, Theresa Mannah-Blankson, Economics PDF Three Essays on Labor Market Friction and the Business Cycle, Jong-seok Oh, Economics PDF Three Essays on Sustainability, Mark V.

Duran, Economics PDF Three Essays on Economic Stages and Transition, Ricardo R. Paul, Economics PDF The Political Economy of Smallholder Incorporation and Land Acquisition, Alfredo R.

Consists of 850 ebooks covering 30 categories of business and management including business analytics, business ethics, entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic management, etc..

The collection provides access to a varied selection of business books dated between 2008 to current.(165): Essays in Empirical Finance: Volatility, Interdependencies, and Risk in Emerging Markets Herbertsson, Alexander (164): Pricing Portfolio Credit Derivatives Holm, Louise (163): A Non-Stationary Perspective on the European and Swedish Business Cycle Visser, Martine (162): Fairness, Reciprocity and Inequality: Experimental Evidence from South Africa Bezabih, Mintewab (161): Essays on Land Lease Markets, Productivity, Biodiversity, and Environmental Variability García, Jorge (160): Essays on Asymmetric Information and Environmental Regulation Through Disclosure Daruvala, Dinky (159): Experimental Studies on Risk, Inequality and Relative Standing Akpalu, Wisdom (158): Essays on Economics of Natural Resource Managementand Experiments Congdon Fors, Heather (157): Essays in Institutional and Development Economics Larsson, Jan (156): Four Essays on Technology, Productivity and Environment Shimeles, Abebe (155): Essays on Poverty, Risk and Consumption Dynamics in Ethiopia Kjaer, Mats (154): Pricing of Some Path-Dependent Options on Equities and Commodities Islam, Nizamul (153): Essays on Labor Supply and poverty: A microeconometric application Gebreeyesus, Mulu (152): Essays on Firm Turnover, Growth, and Investment Behavior in Ethiopian Manufacturing Deng, Daniel (151): Three Essays on Electricity Spot and Financial Derivative Prices at the Nordic Power Exchange Sandén, Klas (150): Essays on the Skill Premium Nivorozhkin, Anton (149): Essays on Unemployment Duration and Programme Evaluation Nyangena, Wilfred (148): Essays on Soil Conservation, Social Capital and Technology Adoption Jussila Hammes, Johanna (147): Essays on the Political Economy of Land Use Change Lokina, Razack Bakari (146): Efficiency, Risk and Regulation Compliance: Applications to Lake Victoria fisheries Mahmud, Minhaj (145): Measuring Trust and the Value of Statistical Lives: Evidence from Bangladesh Eliason, Marcus (144): Individual and Family Consequences of Involuntary Job Loss Dieden, Sten (143): Income Generation in the African and Coloured Population - Three essays on the origins of household incomes in South Africa Lidén, Erik (142): Essays on Information and Conflicts of Interest in Stock Recommendations Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld (141): Four Essays on the Measurement of Productive Efficiency Kateregga, Eseza (140): Essays on the Infestation of Lake Victoria by the Water Hyancinth Yesuf, Mahmud (139): Risk, Time and Land Management under Market Imperfections: Applications to Ethiopia Chen, Yinghong (138): Essays on Voting Power, Corporate Governance and Capital Structure Andersson, Jessica (137): Welfare Environment and Tourism in Developing Countries Gjirja, Matilda (136): Efficiency and Productivity in Swedish Banking Tezic, Kerem (134): Essays on Immigrants' Economic Integration Simatele, Munacinga (133): Financial Sector Reforms and Monetary Policy in Zambia Abou-Ali, Hala (132): Water and Health in Egypt: An empirical analysis Hammes, Klaus (131): Essays on Capital Structure and Trade Financing Muchapondwa, Edwin (130): The Economics of Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe Chifamba, Ronald (129): Analysis of Mining Investments in Zimbabwe Ljungwall, Christer (128): Essays on China's Economic Performance During the Reform Period Brink, Anna (127): On the Political Economy of Municipality Break-Ups Erlandsson, Mattias (126): On Monetary Integration and Macroeconomic Policy Adler, Johan (125): Aspects of Macroeconomic Saving Wambugu, Anthony (124): Essays on Earnings and Human Capital in Kenya Lundström, Susanna (123): On Institutions, Economic Growth and the Environment Ivaschenko, Oleksiy (122): Essays on Poverty, Income Inequality and Health in Transition Economies Löfgren, Åsa (121): Environmental Taxation - Empirical and theoretical applications Pylkkänen, Elina (120): Studies on Household Labor Supply and Home Production Piculescu, Violeta (119): Studies on the Post-Communist Transition Wahlberg, Roger (118): Essays on Discrimination, Welfare and Labor Supply Alpizar, Francisco, R.(117): Essays on Environmental Policy-Making in Developing Countries: Applications to Costa Rica Jaldell, Henrik (116): Essays on the Performance of Fire and Rescue Services Granér, Mats (115): Essays on Trade and Productivity: Case studies of manufacturing in Chile and Kenya Andrén, Thomas (114): Essays on Training, Welfare and Labor Supply Maneschiöld, Per-Ola (113): Essays on Exchange Rates and Central Bank Credibility Linde-Rahr, Martin (112): Household Economics of Agriculture and Forestry in Rural Vietnam Wu, Hong (111): Essays on Insurance Economics Nannyonjo, Justine (110): Financial Sector Reforms in Uganda, 1990-2000 Hammar, Henrik (109): Essays on Policy Instruments: Applications to smoking and the environment Nivorozhkin, Eugene (108): Essays on Capital Structure Andrén, Daniela (107): Work, Sickness, Earnings, and Early Exits from the Labor Market: An empirical analysis using Swedish longitudinal data Eggert, Håkan (106): Essays on Fisheries Economics Mkenda, Adolf (105): Fishery Resources and Welfare in Rural Zanzibar Nerhagen, Lena (104): Travel Demand and Value of Time - Towards an understanding of individuals' choice behavior Kalinda Mkenda, Beatrice (103): Essays on Purchasing Power Parity, Real Exchange Rate, and Optimum Currency Areas Österberg, Torun (102): Economic Perspectives on Immigrants and Intergenerational Transmissions Meuller, Lars (101): Essays on Money and Credit Olsson, Ola (100): Perspectives on Knowledge and Growth Höglund, Lena (99): Essays on Environmental Regulation with Applications to Sweden Söderbom, Måns (98): Investment in African Manufacturing: A microeconomic analysis Ericson, Peter (97): Essays on Labor Supply Davidsen, Björn-Ivar (96): Bidrag til den ökonomisk-metodologiske tenkningen Mlima, Aziz Ponary (95): Four Essays on Efficiency and Productivity in Swedish Banking Zhang, Jianhua (94): Essays on Emerging Market Finance Lundvall, Karl (93): Essays on Manufacturing Production in a Developing Economy: Kenya 1992-94 Alemu, Tekie (92): Land Tenure and Soil Conservation: Evidence from Ethiopia Johansson, Mats (91): Empirical Studies on Income Distribution Carlsson, Fredrik (90): Essays on Externalities and Transport Nyman, Håkan (89): An Economic Analysis of Lone Motherhood in Sweden Kadenge, Phineas (88): Essays on Macroeconomic Adjustment in Zimbabwe: Inflation, money demand, and the real exchange rate Agnarsson, Sveinn (87): Of Men and Machines: Essays in applied labour and production economics Mwansa, Ladslous (86): Determinants of Inflation in Zambia Ncube, Mkhululi (85): Analysis of Employment Behaviour in Zimbabwe Levin, Jörgen (84): Structural Adjustment and Poverty: The case of Kenya Köhlin, Gunnar (83): The Value of Social Forestry in Orissa, India Johansson, Anders (82): Empirical Essays on Financial and Real Investment Behavior Mekonnen, Alemu (81): Rural Energy and Afforestation: Case studies from Ethiopia Belhaj, Mohammed (80): Energy, Transportation and Urban Environment in Africa: The case of Rabat-Salé, Morocco Peterson, Stefan (79): Essays on Large Shareholders and Corporate Control Rogat, Jorge (78): The Value of Improved Air Quality Pan, Kelvin (77): Essays on Enforcement in Money and Banking Holmén, Martin (76): Essays on Corporate Acquisitions and Stock Market Introductions Manda, Damiano Kulundu (75): Labour Supply, Returns of Education, and the Effect of Firm Size on Wages: The case of Kenya Zamanian, Max (74): Methods for Mutual Fund Portfolio Evaluation: An application to the Swedish market Sharifi, Alimorad (73): The Electricity Supply Industry in Iran: Organization, performance and future development Gerdin, Anders (72): On Productivity and Growth in Kenya Isaksson, Anders (71): Essays on Financial Liberalisation in Developing Countries: Capital mobility, price stability, and savings Zheng, Jinghai (70): Essays on Industrial Structure, Technical Change, Employment Adjustment, and Technical Efficiency Nafar, Nosratollah (69): Efficiency and Productivity in Iranian Manufacturing Industries Horgby, Per-Johan (68): Essays on Sharing, Management and Evaluation of Health Risks Cotfas, Mihai (67): Essays on Productivity and Efficiency in the Romanian Cement Industry Hansen, Jörgen (66): Essays on Earnings and Labor Supply Leander, Per (65): Foreign Exchange Market Behavior Expectations and Chaos Chitiga, Margaret (64): Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Income Distribution Policies in Zimbabwe Johansson, Olof (63): Welfare, Externalities, and Taxation: Theory and some road transport applications Mabugu, Ramos E.Seda Irizarry, Economics PDF Essays Of Human Capital Formation, Owen Thompson, Economics PDF Knowledge, Gender, and Production Relations in India's Informal Economy, Amit Basole, Economics PDF Macroeconomic and microeconomic determinants of informal employment: The case of clothing traders in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jennifer E Cohen PDF Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Determinants of Informal Employment: The Case of Clothing Traders in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jennifer E Cohen, Economics PDF The Relationship Between Mass Incarceration and Crime in the Neoliberal Period in the United States, Geert Leo Dhondt, Economics PDF Fair Trade, Agrarian Cooperatives, and Rural Livelihoods in Peru, Noah Enelow, Economics PDF Organic Farming and Rural Transformations in the European Union: A Political Economy approach, Charalampos Konstantinidis, Economics PDF The Sources of Financial Profit: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Transformation of Banking in the US, Irene G.Levina, Economics PDF A Minskian Approach to Financial Crises with a Behavioural Twist: A Reappraisal of the 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey, Mathieu Perron-Dufour, Economics PDF Essays on Urban Sprawl, Race, and Ethnicity, Jared M.(62): Tax Policy Analysis in Zimbabwe Applying General Equilibrium Models Yilma, Mulugeta (61): Measuring Smallholder Efficiency: Ugandan coffee and food-crop production Välilä, Timo (60): Essays on the Credibility of Central Bank Independence Locking, Håkan (59): Essays on Swedish Wage Formation Forteza, Alvaro (58): Credibility, Inflation and Incentive Distortions in the Welfare State Andersson, Göran: Volatility Forecasting and Efficiency of the Swedish Call Options Market (57) Kjulin, Urban: Economic Perspectives on Child Care (56)Asal, Maher: Real Exchange Rate Determination and the Adjustment Process: An empirical study in the cases of Sweden and Egypt (55)Katz, Katarina: Gender Differentiation and Discrimination.A study of Soviet wages (54)Cabezas Vega, Luis: Factor Substitution, Capacity Utilization and Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Peruvian Manufacturing Industry (53)Bjurek, Hans: Essays on Efficiency and Productivity Change with Applications to Public Service Production (52)Salas, Osvaldo: Efficiency and Productivity Change: A micro data case study of the Colombian cement industry (51)Heshmati, Almas: Estimating Technical Efficiency, Productivity Growth and Selectivity Bias Using Rotating Panel Data: An application to Swedish agriculture (50)Franzén, Mikael: Gasoline Demand: A comparison of models (49)Modén, Karl-Markus: Tax Incentives of Corporate Mergers and Foreign Direct Investments (48)Ndung'u, Njuguna: Dynamics of the Inflationary Process in Kenya (47)Mlambo, Kupukile: Total Factor Productivity Growth: An empirical analysis of Zimbabwe's manufacturing sector based on factor demand modelling (46)Mwenda, Adolf: Credit Rationing and Invetment Behaviour under Market Imperfections: Evidence from commercial agriculture in Zambia (45)Odeck, James: Measuring Productivity Growth and Efficiency with Data Envelopment Analysis: An application on the Norwegian road sector (44)Veiderpass, Ann: Swedish Retail Electricity Distribution: A non-parametric approach to efficiency and productivity change (43)Durevall, Dick: Essays on Chronic Inflation: The Brazilian experience (42)Julin, Eva: Structural Change in Rural Kenya (41)Makonnen, Negatu: Labor Supply and the Distribution of Economic Well-Being: A case study of Lesotho (40)Semboja, Haji Hatibu Haji: Energy and Development in Kenya (39)Storrie, Donald W.: The Anatomy of a Large Swedish Plant Closure (38)Andersson, Per-Åke: Labour Market Structure in a Controlled Economy: The case of Zambia (37)Milopoulos, Christos: Investment Behaviour under Uncertainty: An econometric analysis of Swedish panel data (36)Tasiran, Ali Cevat: Wage and Income Effects on the Timing and Spacing of Births in Sweden and the United States (35)Irandoust, Manuchehr: Essays on the Behavior and Performance of the Car Industry (34)Loureiro, Joao M.Mason, Economics PDF Essays on the Evolution of Inequality, Cem Oyvat", Economics PDF FINANCIALIZATION OF THE COMMODITIES FUTURES MARKETS AND ITS EFFECTS ON PRICES, Manisha Pradhananga, Economics PDF Productive Stagnation and Unproductive Accumulation in the United States, 1947-2011., Tomas N.Rotta, Economics PDF Advertising and the Creation of Exchange Value, Zoe Sherman, Economics PDF Understanding Income Inequality in the United States, Mark J. S.: MEASURES, DETERMINANTS, AND IMPLICATIONS, Joo Yeoun Suh, Economics PDF Essays on the minimum wage, Ben Zipperer, Economics PDF Credit Chains, Credit Bubles, and Financial Fragility: Explaining The U. Financial Crisis of 2007-09, Thomas L Bernardin, Economics PDF A Knife Hidden in Roses: Development and Gender Violence in the Dominican Republic, Cruz Caridad Bueno, Economics PDF Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in Upper Svaneti, Republic of Georgia, Robin J Kemkes, Economics PDF Contract as Contested Terrain: An Economic History of Law and the Rise of American Capitalism, Daniel P Mac Donald, Economics PDF Essays on the Rising Demand for Convenience in Meal Provisioning in the United States, Tamara Ohler, Economics PDF Social Emulation, the Evolution of Gender Norms, and Intergenerational Transfers: Three Essays on the Economics of Social Interactions, Seung-Yun Oh, Economics PDF Decollectivization and Rural Poverty in Post-Mao China: A Critique of the Conventional Wisdom, Zhaochang Peng, Economics PDF Capitalist Crisis and Capitalist Reaction: The Profit Squeeze, the Business Roundtable, and the Capitalist Class Mobilization of the 1970s, Alejandro Reuss, Economics PDF The Economics of Same-Sex Couple Households: Essays on Work, Wages, and Poverty, Alyssa Schneebaum, Economics PDF The Political Economy of Cultural Production: Essays on Music and Class, Ian J.Eichacker, Economics PDF THE FINANCIAL SECTOR AND INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA: ESSAYS ON ACCESS TO FINANCE FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES IN SOUTH SUDAN AND KENYA, James A.Garang, Economics PDF OUTPUT FLUCTUATIONS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN LATIN AMERICA IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE GREAT RECESSION, gonzalo hernandez jimenez, Economics PDF TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGS INEQUALITY IN SOUTH KOREA, Hyeon-Kyeong Kim, Economics PDF Three Essays in Macroeconomic History, Joshua W.


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