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Or as my friend Sharon Hull says, “A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose.” Dreams are valuable commodities. As you do, keep in mind the words of my agent, Matt Yates, who says, “A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible.” John C. Take a look at many of the things that people pursue and call dreams in their lives: A dream worth pursuing is a picture and blueprint of a person’s purpose and potential. If you are unsure of what your dream might be—either because you are afraid to dream or because you somehow lost your dream along the way—then start preparing yourself to receive your dream by exploring the following: Once you do these six things to put yourself in the best possible position to receive a dream, focus on discovering your dream.

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Today the whole country and citizens know how to maintain this position.

Similar was the case with Singapore- a third world country at the time of independence but with dreams and goals- it turned itself into a powerful nation. No one has ever achieved an objective solely with luck, the focus on the goal and the hard work behind it define the destiny.

Malaysia like all other states at its independence was a weak nation with a weak economy whereas today both Malaysia and Singapore are known as finest economies in the region.

Muhammad Mahathir – the still serving president of Malaysia transformed the country after years of its independence by swiftly reforming it and boosting the weak economy.

He provided us with laws through which we can understand how the universe unfolds itself.

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Although many Asian states got the blessing of being a separate state through toil and sweat of its heroes but are lagging behind in terms of financial stability.

My desire is to be like one of those encouraging teachers to you. How can I know that my odds are good for achieving it?

When you were a kid in school, do you remember a teacher doing a review before a test and saying something like, “Pay attention now, because this is going to be on the test”? The encouraging teachers who wanted to see their students succeed said things like that all the time. They put us to the test, but they set us up for success.

Similarly, he provided his people with the idea that only social wellbeing of citizens can take a nation to new heights.

He dreamt for it and turned the country into a free market and today the country outshines all other countries in the region.


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