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Here are some recommendations on how to deal with this task: To present your own definition of this word, you should investigate your topic first.

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Now, that your own definition of education is given at the beginning of your essay, you should start analyzing it.

Divide your thesis statement into separate parts and explain each part in the separate paragraph.

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Acquiring the capacities of understanding, appreciation and expression through word and act.

Education should be to make children self- confident and self dependent.A definition essay is an academic paper where the author should pick a word and define it.It’s advisable to select topics that aren’t concrete subjects, like a house or tree. Education is a perfect topic for this type of paper because this word might have a very deep meaning.Develop every child’s character, personality and culture and as much knowledge as the child can assimilate not merely memorize.The complete development of an individual and the harmonious development of personality, mean directed to the aim of enlightenment of head and heart; illumination of consciousness for all-round development of individual personality.Finally, you should move on to your thesis statement where you will define the term in your own words.Try to make your version original so that it’s interesting to analyze it.Education should enable a human being to attain the greatest possible harmony, internal and external, spiritual and material, for the fullest possible development of human potentialities and capacities.An individual lives in society and has his obligations towards his society.You may conclude your paper by restating your main points.To do this, just look at the topic sentences of your body paragraphs and rephrase them.


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