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They ensured that they established and maintained the English laws in all their former colonies.

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Also, common law is flexible because it focuses on real life situations. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom possesses the power to overrule all the precedents of all other courts.

It binds all the courts in the kingdom’s hierarchy considering it as the most powerful. At the local level, law may be written by the municipality to govern the people’s behavioral trends.

This enhances this system of law to be precise and organized.

Therefore, the articles are presented in case at any time when the need for evidence of a written document arises. Though they are not usually codified, they usually affect only a small group of the population.

With the changing times, several issues have been put into consideration concerning murder issues.

It concerns, for example, malice aforethought and the presence of a motive in murder cases.This legal system is traditionally the main component of English law.This legal system operates on a basic principle, which argues that it is unfair to treat similar occasions differently.This idea shows that common law is there to achieve equality of all the people in its jurisdiction.Common law also has a body of precedents, which guides its future decisions.The four sources the paper is mainly focused on are: common law, European law, Statute law and European conventions.Common Law Common Law is also known as case law or precedents; it entails a decision made by judges and developed by tribunals and courts.It is practically not judge made law since the judges do not make law, but they only interpret it.The judges on the basis of common sense and knowledge usually weigh the issues.The administrative branch of the government then exercises the law within the limits set by the statutes.A good example of a statute is the amendment of the parliamentary act concerning murder.


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