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Perhaps it’s unsurprising that one of the first famous authors to openly talk about and accept it—Harry Potter’s J. For example, an increasingly popular fan re-interpretation visualizes Harry Potter himself, the Boy Who Lived, as a Desi/Indian man and Hermione Granger as a black woman (indeed as she was cast, with actor Noma Dumezweni, in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play in London’s West End).The act of allowing some of this generation’s most popular and ubiquitous fictional heroes to represent their fans of color is emblematic of the power that fanfiction and fanart can have for its creators.It can take the form of anything from brief imaginative snippets, to missing scenes of a TV episode, to standalone book-length works that are written as well as, or better than, many published novels—and all available for free.

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Consider the uproar over the all-female Ghostbusters, or the recent recasting of Doctor Who as a woman; the amount of reactionary male gatekeeping in many intellectual properties is both absurd and absurdly predictable.

Women are often challenged on whether they’re “real fans,” despite being some of the most active and engaged members of fandom communities.

As Game of Thrones looks to its eighth season, the show—strictly speaking—is no longer filming the books of George R. But as the show has passed the timeline covered in the published novels, it is writing its own narrative without the need to reference a pre-existing canon.

Of course, it is still using the characters, world, and settings that Martin established (though its sometimes-drastic departures from the source material have been the cause of controversy before).

These young fan authors are re-writing Shakespeare’s characters (which he himself adapted) almost half a millennium later, reinventing and retelling them.

I don’t know about you, but I find that absolutely delightful.

Books were once rare and valuable, so stories belonged to an oral tradition, designed to be shared and passed down.

We’re merely doing it in a modern context, in our own free time and for no money or fame, because we love the story and want more of it.

Several noteworthy authors, Martin among them, believe that fanfiction is essentially derivative copycatting that doesn’t fill any need or perform any important work, and are uncomfortable with the idea of their characters being used outside the plots and situations they originally imagined. But I strongly feel that those who ignore or deride fanfiction are missing something vitally important about the way in which we interact with our favorite media these days, and the power and creativity that these stories inspire.

While fanfiction in its current form is a recent invention—it’s generally accepted to have been started by Star Trek fans in the 1970s—it has a much longer history. Tolkien reworked old myths and legends (and a legion of imitators reworked Tolkien).


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