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Most of the coverage of James Mattis's new book, Call Sign Chaos, co-authored with Bing West, deals with the former defense secretary's relationship with President Trump.

The Atlantic's pre-publication interview with Mattis was headlined, "The Man Who Couldn't Take It Anymore." The New York Times editorial page ...

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle editor Walt Whitman made his habitual walks a motif of “Leaves of Grass” (“All characters, movements, growths — a few noticed, myriads unnoticed,/Through Mannahatta’s streets I walking, these things gathering …”). They ate cabbage stalks and offal out of the gutter and, grunting and farting, mingled freely with the gentlemen in long-tailed blue coats and the ladies in rainbow silks and parasols.

“Moby-Dick” begins with Ishmael circumambulating the “insular city of the Manhattoes” and being drawn outside it. New York’s human pedestrians, as if in response to the increased interest from observers, began to conduct themselves more self-consciously.

The separation of powers and its role in protecting individual liberty and the rule of law can sound pretty abstract.

I confess it seemed that way to me in my high-school ...The most pressing concern was horse pollution: The urban historians Clay Mc Shane and Joel Tarr have calculated that New York’s horses carpeted city streets with as much as four million pounds of manure every day. Before the elevator, buildings rarely grew higher than six stories, which is the maximum number of flights of stairs most people seem willing to climb.The elevators spurred the construction of skyscrapers, which increased the density of the crowds, particularly in the business districts. The “street canyons” of Lower Manhattan dwarfed the old urban scale, reducing the striding industrial titans to scampering moles.New Yorkers crossed streets in diagonal lines, not right angles. It never occurred to them that there might be any other way.The only vehicles were horse-drawn: omnibuses, streetcars and carts. A major transformation of New York’s outdoors was hastened by an indoors invention: the electric elevator.Now that we have mechanized palanquins — cars — New York’s prideful pedestrianism might be its last old-fashioned virtue.But while New York’s reputation as America’s great walking city is assured, the rationale behind this distinction is less certain.Yes, it is easy to get around by foot, but so are Boston and Philadelphia.Yes, it discloses its most treasured secrets only to those who explore it close to the ground, but the same could be said of San Francisco and New Orleans.Read More One of the most radical changes in the labyrinth of the Middle East is the near cessation of the old formal hostility of the Arab nations to Israel.That does not mean that the destruction of the Jewish state is not still a commandment among hundreds of millions of Arab speakers throughout the Middle East in ...


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