Essay About Overpopulation In Egypt

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Nowadays, Egypt’s irrigation network draws almost entirely from the Aswan High Dam, which regulates more than 18,000 miles of canals and sub-canals that push out into the country’s farmlands adjacent to the river.

This system is highly inefficient, losing as much as 3 billion cubic meters of Nile water per year through evaporation and could be detrimental by not only intensifying water and water stress but also creating unemployment.

Infact, United Nations is already warning that Egypt could run out of water by the year 2025.

Let us have a close look at major factors affecting Egypt’s water security: Egypt’s population is mushrooming at an alarming rate and has increased by 41 percent since the early 1990s.

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Agricultural runoffs frequently contain pollutants from pesticides and herbicides, which have negative effects on the river and the people using it.

All of these factors combine together to make Nile a polluted river which may spell doom for the generations to come.

Egypt controls majority of the water resource extracted from the Nile River due to colonial-era treaty, which guaranteed Egypt 90 percent share of the Nile, and prevented their neighbors from extracting even a single drop from the Nile without permission.

However, in recent years countries along the Nile such as Ethiopia are taking advantage are gaining more control over the rights for the Nile.


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