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Initially a county-wide, but recently international campaign, S4A accomplishes its goal through the recollection of shoes in diverse cities of the US and eight countries around the world to be shipped to the République de Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria and other African nations, where many people walk barefoot and some have never owned a pair of shoes.Wearing shoes would help them in the fight against environmentally caused diseases, cuts, scratches and parasites (such as hookworm larvae), as well as progressing in terms of world development.

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This was my chance to get back at injustice in the world, and bring about a difference, for a change.

I founded a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida in hope of maintaining a respected status and recognized mission, and started collecting shoes in every school and corner I could put a box in. Shoes4Africa, Inc ( is a non-for-profit organization that I founded last summer.

Miami, the cultural melting pot, is home to one of the most diverse populations of the world; 17 languages are spoken, clusters of Europeans, Caribbeans, Latin Americans and Asians make it up; 67% speak a language other than English; and about 51% of 2.3 million in the Metropolitan Miami area where born outside of the United States. My answer was yes, and when I looked deeper into the picture, I found that at times this culture-clash may be conflictive, segregating and damaging to the young growing minds that will one day run our communities.

What I have done I value as a marking step, an example and a great accomplishment in uniting and fusing this youngsters with the rest.

I can guarantee that most of Auroras citizens could care less to attend, or even find out where these meetings are held, and what issues are covered that might directly affect them. Not enough time, who cares, how is my attendance and concern going to affect city officials to improving my life?

That probably doesn’t even cross most peoples minds, especially if they have there own car, a place to sleep and property taxes stay about the same.

Kids from all over the county, private and public schools, leave behind all their weekly activities and friends, to meet others just like them, that share many of their traits and origins.

It makes me proud to know that on days other than Saturdays, these kids enjoy their friendships; not only has the program brought them together on Saturdays to share memorable experiences, but it has instilled in them values and given them friends that will last a lifetime. / Help4Africa ( As an immigrant I have had the opportunity to view the world through many different lenses.

In my own neighborhood no one really says hi, or introduces themselves, nor does it seem that they care too. It seems harder than ever before to even strike up a conversation with someone let alone to come to an understanding of what is really going on in our own backyards.

Aurora, like many Communities has city council meetings that all citizens can attend.


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