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An is used with words that start with a vowel sound. It may refer to one specific problem or to any combination of problems.It is the sound, not the first letter of the word that tells you to use An or a. student," because the M here sounds like a vowel (EM). It may point to an error in diction, or to a much larger problem with coherence. Example: Due to the number of students in college, they appear to be all equal because everyone is experiences the same things.For instance, you would say "A Michigan State University student" because the M in Michigan sounds like a consonant (Mih); however, you would say "An M. There are several problems with the above sentence. Additonally, the use of due to is an error in diction, and is experiences results from simple carelessness.

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Spell out words in full: and, government, United States, United States of America, through, okay. Usually an adjective sits right next to the noun or pronoun it describes: hot peppers, red hair.

E., and those of certain well-known commodities, organizations, and government agencies such as TV, VCR, EPA, FBI, NATO, NASA, are also acceptable. Sometimes students place an adverb instead of an adjective after a linking verb: The peppers taste hotly. The most common linking verbs are all forms of to be, such as is, are, was, and the following verbs of the five senses: smell, sound, taste, look, feel. An adjective describes (modifies) a noun or pronoun.

(Note: If, in the sentence marked incorrect, the money and the furniture are each thought of as a specific, known quantity or set of items, the words are not being used in their general sense as uncountable nouns.

In such a case, the use of "the" would be correct.) Use A before words that start with a consonant sound.

All other pronouns agree with the verb without the -s: I sleep, you sleep, we sleep, they sleep.

Plural words that can be replaced by the pronoun "they" also agre with the verb without the -s: The machines work. When the antecedent (the word thata a pronoun refers to) is singular, use a singlular pronoun; when it is plural, use a plural pronoun.

You might mean economic progress, but your reader might think you mean moral progress. Add a word to the abstract term to make it more specific.

Abstract words and phrases like beauty, evil, and progress have meanings that are somewhat different for each reader.

Collective nouns like group, team, squad, family, crw, committee, couple--are singular nouns that stand for a collection of individuals. Make the verb in this sentence agree in number with its subject.

If the verb is in the singular, change it to the plural, and vice versa.


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