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Ethics are no more a part of poetry than they are of painting.Poetry is the expression of the experience of poetry.

The best aphorisms are not the most true but the most undecidable, those worth endlessly testing.

In , Heidi Julavits writes of herself and her husband: “We love to take a conviction we might, for a moment, entertain, and then turn it on its head and make a joke about it. Our jokes are interrogations that help us figure out what we care about, and where our faith, at the moment, lies.” Jokes as essays. Formally, it’s a platform ideally suited to the aphorism; in fact aphorisms should be quite a bit less than 140 characters.

Further, you can like (or “favorite”) an aphorism even if you disagree, or aren’t sure you agree.

“RT ≠ endorsement,” as many Twitter bios attest, but nor does a favorite.

Describe the many ways in which this particular variable affects the other, and explain why it does so.

Classification – This developmental pattern is used to categorize multiple subjects into separate or distinct groups by certain criteria.Compare and Contrast – With this developmental pattern, the writer will examine both the similarities and the differences between two or more distinct subjects.The choice of organizational pattern really depends upon the length of the essay.Too often students begin writing expository essays without first having learned about their subject.If the teacher requires you to write the essay with knowledge from the top of your head, then obviously you will not have to perform research. Paragraph and its essentials Topic Sentence: A paragraph has a main idea which is expressed in a topic sentence.(I have stopped reading my Goodreads reviews.) Part of the job, I think, of the aphorist is to write statements that even she does not necessarily agree with.In my thinking about aphorisms, I have returned often to Wallace Stevens’ Poetry is not personal.Life cannot be based on a thesis, since, by nature, it is based on instinct.A thesis, however, is usually present and living is the struggle between thesis and instinct.For shorter essays, teachers often espouse the “five paragraph” organizational pattern, in which there is one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.Of course, this is not feasible if the essay is of longer length, but it is important to provide both an introduction and a conclusion, regardless of length.


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