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The initial landfall was made in the Gulf Region near Buras Louisiana and later at the Louisiana and Mississippi border at Bay St. Katrina packed sustained hurricane force winds of 125 mph, and extended out 75 miles from the eye of the storm (NOAA, 2012).

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The warmer the water is, the more intense the hurricane becomes.There were many more warnings for the city of New Orleans to upgrade the levee systems.They were also told that citizens should evacuate if there was a category three storm expected.August 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina was considered a natural disaster and initially landed in Florida, according to Calvin Mackie Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering of Tulane University and resident of Algiers, as the “hurricane traveled the Gulf Coast by August 26th, it reached Category 5....[tags: New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina] - The story that my family often tells is our Hurricane Katrina experience.The storm surge caused by the hurricane which can be more than eighteen feet high causes flooding once it reaches land. A category one hurricane has winds of 74-95 miles per hour, and is considered to cause minimal damage.A category five storm has winds greater than 155 miles per hour, and the damage to expect is catastrophic.[tags: Hurricane Katrina, Tropical cyclone] - “It’s amazing how our life can change from one day to another and Mother of Nature is one of them.Hurricane Katrina a category 4 hurricane struck the Gulf Coast of the United States on August 29, 2005, causing death and destruction in New Orleans.[tags: Hurricane Katrina, USA, informative] - Anthony Coll Mrs.O’Connor English 12 Level II December 3rd Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina ranked a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale began to form on August 23, 2005 over the islands of the bahamas. reported over 90,000 square miles were affected by the storm and calculated it cost three times more than the horrific World Trade Center terrorist attack on september 11th.


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