Essay On 1984 And Brave New World

Essay On 1984 And Brave New World-21
In my opinion, the world as we know it more overtly resembles that of Huxley’s – just flip on your nearest television.

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People are taught as infants to fear and hate things that they are to stay away from- books, for instance.

While newspeak eliminates words and the meanings behind them, the conditioning in , however, pleasures are few and far between- in one of the book’s earliest scenes, for instance, the tobacco falls from Wintston’s cigarette to the floor.

The little time he had that wasn’t spent working or drinking was consumed by rigorous (and rather invasive) exercises, pointless Hate Rallies, and other activities that left him weary, stupid, and ignorant.

“Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery.

They don’t know happiness, because they don’t know how to seek it and ultimately do not care to.

No Time for Love , married couples are as good as emotionally divorced from one another, children are taught to suspect and police their parents, and nobody is to love another outside of a few token words.

At the end of each long day in , Winston came home exhausted.

He’d drown his sorrows in the acrid Victory Gin, dulling his senses as mentioned before; as mentioned before, he could never be left alone with his thoughts.

Erasure of the Past One prevalent theme of both books was the destruction of history- in , the history Oceania’s war with Eurasia, for instance, is blurred and smeared- in the minds of the people, it has always been.

Winston, of course, knows better, and is aware that in spite of the fact that the past is concrete and unchanging, the government seems able to reach back through time and change the knowledge of the past, thus making it seem as if the war has always been so.


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