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Often times institutional racism is subtle, unconscious, and rationalize on the basis of nonracial criteria, and does not take the form of overt discrimination like individual racism (Mc Clain, 8 & Crosby, 95)....

[tags: Affirmative action, Discrimination] - Affirmative action was set in 1961 to ensure that minorities can obtain a job based on ethnicity in hopes to make up for past discrimination and diversify the work place, giving them an equal opportunity to prosper.

It gives an advantage to newly freed slaves who lacked skills to get a job and live a fulfilled life ("International Index to Black Periodicals", 2005)....

[tags: Affirmative action, Discrimination, Black people] - On March 6th, 1961, an executive order was passed by president John F.

But what happens when your admission letter was given to another person less qualified academically but because of their race they filled that spot needed to meet the schools quota.... Reverse discrimination is when people of a majority are discriminated in favor of a disadvantage group or minority (Schindler, 2015).

[tags: Affirmative action, Discrimination, Race] - Affirmative action is a policy or action that favors those who tend to be discriminated against. The idea of affirmative action dates all the way back to post Civil War Reconstruction Era.

It was designed to make sure employers recognized different races when picking out candidates for jobs of applicants to universities.

Even after establishing equal rights, not everyone treated each other equally, so this was a good solution at the time....

The group was afford three options to discuss this topic.

Either allow affirmative action to continue as unchanged, modified, or have it eliminated.


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