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For example, many eastern European Jews were being discriminated due to their religion in countries such as Russia.'Pogroms' (attacks) in Russia and other countries were held on the Jews.

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House Republicans are working hard to ensure every American has access to an education that helps them learn the skills that will jumpstart their careers.

So whether it’s the International Paper Mill in Valliant or the Schwan’s Mrs.

Consequently, The USA became a hugely diverse country as it 'pulled' in many immigrants from all over the world as it was known as the 'Land of opportunity'.

Overall immigration to the USA in the late 1800s and early 1900s was due to many reasons, such as persecution, bad economic opportunity, lack of space and food and inequality between classes for the people in their home countries.

Furthermore, immigration was promoted in European countries by the idea of good economic opportunity that the USA had to offer.

Many immigrants were notably a lower class, as Europe was still a 'class-dominated society'.This meant that many Jews went to the USA, as well as many Russians, who did not want to get involved with pogroms. Middle jobs for example, farmers earned more in the USA than they would have in Europe, and many unskilled immigrants worked in the bigger cities, doing various jobs for a decent amount.This meant that people immigrated to the USA, so that they too could earn more and escape the lack of opportunity from where they came from which leads us to the next reason that they immigrated to the USA. Introduction Why did people go to the 'Land of opportunity'?In the 1900's and onwards, people went to the USA; the 'land of opportunity', because they wanted to pursue their dreams.With millions of jobs available across the country, there is always a job opening to be filled.The tough part is finding someone with the right skill set to fill the position and perform well.We should support and encourage all forms of schooling across the board because all education is career education.It isn’t limited to the skills learned at a university over four years.These 'pushed' people out, however The USA 'pulled' them in as it offered freedom in religious and political views, more land and employment opportunity and overall a better lifestyle. Although some immigrants found life different then they expected as exaggeration was common only few gave up and went back home.


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