Essay On Love And Respect For Humanity

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This conscious sense makes them feel that they deserve respect and honour from other human beings.

Many scholars argue that if a human being is in a humiliating or compromising situation then this is a major threat to their dignity.

Dignity is the quality of being honourable, noble, excellent or worthy.

With a human regarded as the most supreme living creature, dignity, in its appealing sense, is better referred to as human dignity.

According to the Russian Orthodox Church’s basic teaching on the issue of human dignity, God has endowed all human beings in a very generous manner by distributing His gifts equally such that His showing of human dignity, nature and abundance of His unending grace remains undisputable.

Owing to the fact that Jesus Christ offered His life as a ransom for sin and the sinful nature of human beings, human dignity was lifted at its best, hence it should be respected.

The Bible also asserts that life according to the desires of the flesh that don’t withstand respect for other human beings is loss of and abuse of human dignity.

The Islam Texts Society puts forth the idea that human dignity is the basis of human rights.

Human dignity should operate on the basis of volitional principles or maxims.

Hence, the basic rational requirements and morality should be the primary demands that apply to these maxims which motivate all our actions.


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