Essay On My Country Nepal

I would create open-market policies, pushing innovation and innovators further, giving them access to proper tools.

I would create procedures which stopped corruption, and help to rescue initiatives from crumbling due to lack of funding.

I have a vision of a nation where all citizens will be given due respect; regardless of sex, ethnicity, or disability.

I will work with communities to alleviate poverty and ensure that every family has food on their table.

When you look into ideology, faiths, and beliefs are being manipulated. I would strive really hard to promote moderation within the country.

Essay On My Country Nepal

The concept of moderation embraces a wide range of issues, from religion, social justice and political systems to the challenges that the global economy faces.In other words, students in these schools are not just being taught the facts, but are learning how to think and thrive in our complex and interconnected world.If we want to genuinely catalyze a shift to future-oriented teaching, we need to be equipping our teachers with strategies to practice and promote wellbeing on a daily basis.I’d invest in the socioeconomic empowerment and political representation, participation, leadership, involvement and meaningful engagement of young people and women.Science, technology and inclusive innovation through education, would be a national agenda and I’d commit to the prioritization of the health and wellbeing agenda of every woman, every child and every adolescent everywhere.More than half the world’s population is under 30 years old.This prompted Global Shapers to make an unprecedented large-scale survey with a goal of determining the mindset of this young generation.Counter intolerance and extremism in all its forms.Almost everything these days have reached its tipping point.Push tax reforms on monopolies in my country to help small and medium-sized enterprises flourish.I would create easier foreign investment policies in education and scientific research, encouraging companies to create R&D centres in Morocco, opening opportunities for repressed talent.


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