Essay On Obesity Among Students

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Additionally, for the conclusion of the study, it is evident that no other type of restaurant that has any correlation with obesity.

Fast food has a direct impact on the obesity level among students.

Majority of college is located near fast food restaurants, and this allows students to purchase food at low cost.

Most of these restaurants open until late hours, this makes it perfect for students to grab a snack in case of the midnight cravings.

Obesity and overweight are more familiar to college students, and this can is attributed to their irregular and infrequent meals that lack essential minerals and vitamins.

Lack of knowledge concerning balance diet, addictive habits of eating outside the school as well as not taking part in regular exercise or sports are considered as the primary cause of overweight or obese.The Body Mass Index is one way to calculate obesity, and this takes into consideration individuals weight and height in its’s calculations.Obesity is a life-threatening condition this is because it significantly increases the chances of many health complications to an individual including type 2 diabetes, heart attack, hypertension (commonly referred to as high blood pressure), stroke as well as various forms of cancers.However, the college students need to be conscious regarding the food they are eating, what works best for their wallet does not necessarily translate to the best of their health.This is due to the fact that most of the fast foods they consume are rich in a high amount of sodium, calories as well as low levels of nutritional value.The researchers further indicate that the cost of healthier meals is projected to increase over time.During the study duration of two years, they noted that the cost of healthier food went up by an estimated 19.6% while that of the unhealthy diet dropped by an estimation of 1.9% (Parker-Pope, 2017) The final reason why junk food results in obesity are its convenience. From the study, it shows that the chances of students getting obese are 5.2% if they have a restaurant within 0.10 mile from their school (Mancino, 2011).Although there are other different factors that cause obesity, the primary source of the excessive weight gain among students is due to an imbalance of energy.That takes place when the number of calories is consumed in a diet are higher compared to the energy absorbing activities.Consumption of junk food has been proven to have direct connections with obesity due to excess levels of fat and sugar than the recommended levels.Additionally, fast food contains a lower quantity of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium as well as zinc among others.


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