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Moreover, the fact that we perceive our groups as different in the better way from the others contributes to the situation where we also tend to see ourselves in a more attractive light (Myers, 2012; Feenstra, 2013).On this basis, stereotypes successfully fix in the public mind, and conformism here plays an important role.In its turn, the concept of prejudice includes irrational components of social and individual consciousness, based on the inaccurate, distorted, stereotypized knowledge that was accepted uncritically, with the negative emotional manifestations becoming intense (Myers, 2012; Feenstra, 2013).

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The regulation of individuals’ social behavior is carried out through the system of individual attitudes.

The forms of attitudes, stable and closed from the influence of new experience, are presented by stereotypes and prejudices.

In addition, as Myers (2012) puts this, it is an attribution error that makes an individual biased in the interpretation of one’s own group members’ behavior as positive, whereas positive actions committed by the members of an out-group are usually not taken into account.

In general, we sometimes make judgments or start communicating with someone having nothing but a stereotype at hand.

Therefore, stereotypes are resilient and difficult to modify.

Essay On Stereotypes

And yet, there are some reserve methods that can weaken them.Thus, while prejudice is a negative attitude, discrimination is a negative behavior.In general, basing on Myers (2012) and Inzlicht and Schmader (2011) studies, negative assessments as a measure of prejudice may be linked to the emotional associations, need to justify one’s discriminatory behavior or stable negative beliefs, i.e. Prejudices and stereotypes have several sources as they perform several functions.However, the emergence of illusive relationships between the belonging to a certain social group and one’s behavior has both cognitive sources and cognitive consequences.Directing our interpretation and our memories, stereotypical thinking results in the fact that we find evidence in its favor, even where such evidence is not present at all.A major role in the structure of a stereotype belongs to its emotional charge, which clearly indicates to what is acceptable and unacceptable in relation to any object.Thus, if an object of a stereotype is another person, the major features are often one’s gender, nationality, or profession, while other differences may be unduly ignored.It is difficult, for example, to disagree with Inzlicht and Schmader (2011) that stereotypical views about African Americans and women help to justify the lower social status of these groups.Indeed, prejudices basically help justify the economic and social superiority of those with wealth and power.According to Inzlicht and Schmader (2011), the specificity of this approach lies in the unconscious division of people into “us” and “them” with ingroup experiences perceived as idealized and endowed with pculiarities in a positive way (autostereotype), while outgroups are endowed with negative assessments (heterostereotype).As a result, stereotypes form a simplified and highly superficial understanding of the social reality phenomena.


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