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As we learn about the world around us, our brain has experiences which develop the upper portions of our.This portion of our brain gives us the ability to think logically and to reason.With this in mind, one of the best ways to train our children to become highly functional adults is to teach them important life skills.

A parent should strive to teach their children why they feel the emotions they feel and how to better understand and navigate the situation that has triggered such emotions.

In these teachable moments we can guide our child toward mental growth.

These parental qualities are not listed in any particular order.

It’s just important that you strive to exhibit them all.

By using occasions such as these to teach your kids, you’re literally strengthening their brain and helping them to mature quicker.

Another example would be when your child throws a fit when it’s time to shower or go to bed.Children don’t always tell you how they feel and instead show you how they are feeling with their body language.As an example of the benefits of being able to read body language: your child comes home from school claiming they had a good day. Obviously, there’s a good chance something happened at school that is bothering them.You may have these types of battles several times but each time you must reiterate the importance for having a healthy body.Eventually, they’ll come to the realization that their doing themselves a favor by cleaning their body and teeth and begin doing it with joy.Every moment with your child is a teachable moment.Make sure that when you’re disciplining your child that your aim is to teach them something as opposed to putting your foot down and making demands while proclaiming “because I said so!Providing a story from your past which caused you to feel the same way is a great way to show empathy.After you’ve empathized, you can give them advice on how to handle the situation in the future.As parents, it’s our job to install new software such as “reasoning”, “logic”, “decision making” and other important social/life skills.When a child is acting up or being highly emotional, it’s because his amygdala (the emotional part of his brain) is taking control of his or her world.


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