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Essay Writing Contest-23
Your opportunity to win a cash scholarship is here, ready and waiting for you. Confident is calling all students to show their literary genius, get published and win big!

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(Note: You may create your own cover page or use the template available to download here.)Essays are accepted in English, French, Spanish, German or Japanese only, since these are the only languages the contest organizers and judges can read.

However, we can accept essays written in other languages, if they are accompanied by translations in one of the accepted languages.

In the spirit of this, we have decided to lunch an essay-writing contest aimed at college and high school students.

The winners of this contest will receive financial help to help them ofset some of thier college costs.

Grab your computer and let your imagination run wild onto those pages. Who are the reviewers for the scholarship essay contest?

Have no fear, put away your doubts because you don’t have to be an advanced writer to qualify. When is the deadline for scholarship essay submission? Essays should be between 500 – 700 words in length.

If your essay has been successfully submitted, it will appear on the list.

To make sure that the correct essay is linked, click on “View Essay”on the list.

For example, make sure you submit in the below format: Name: John Doe Email address: [email protected]: #3 Are you drowning in anticipation as yet? Here they are: TOPIC 1: Is technology making people smarter or dumber?

TOPIC 2: What was your first experience making money? TOPIC 4: What is the most dangerous type of sports and why?


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